Did anyone hate (or dislike) their husband/wife at first?

We’ve all seen it 100 times in the movies: the couple that starts out hating one another, but then that hatred eventually grows into intimacy. So I was wondering, married/engaged folks of the board: did you (or do you ever) dislike your husband or wife? Not in an un-Christian, sinful manner…more in the sense that they’re the one person who challenges you and can really get under your skin.

That wasn’t my experience, I think it works as a movie device, but wouldn’t be so great in a real relationship. :slight_smile:

I met my husband 19 years ago, and felt within hours that I had known him forever. I am blessed that he has been my best friend and biggest supporter as we walk through this journey of life together. And, yes-- I make a daily effort (as he does for me) to let him know how wonderful I think he is!

I’m “just” dating but its been an “wow he’s amazing” to falling more in love by the minute and thinking of him being with me in future scenarios…from holiday parties to vacations.

If I had disliked him at the start, where would be the motivation to get to know him better? I just can’t fathom this at all! The only way it might work is if the first impression was in error - coming in when the other was playing a joke on someone else and not realizing it and getting a bad impression.

My experience was immediate attraction that resulted in falling in love, getting married and, tomorrow, celebrating our 42nd wedding anniversary. :thumbsup:


My husband is my best friend, and the person I respect the most of anyone in my life.

Well my mom didn’t want to date my dad at first. He kept calling her. She said she didn’t want to date someone she met at a bar and she was dating a good looking doctor at the time. My dad was a classic nerd type. He apparently even chased her down the highway at one point. I don’t know how he won her over but she was crazy about him for as long as knew her and they were married 29 years before she died of cancer. He morned for 4 years before he even dated again and still misses her. My Grandmother and my grandfather were neighbors and knew each other all their lives. My Grandmother divorced her first husband who was a boozer and beat her up and married my grandfather shortly after. I don’t know much about their relationship but my dad tells a story that shortly after they were married my grandfather tried to abuse my grandmother and she dragged him back to his parents house and told them not to send him back till he learned how to treat a women properly. She ruled the roost and he never said much…I can guess why…lol. She was very miserable after he died and missed him very much so she must of cared for him. :cool:

Honestly yes!

It was a love/ hate relationship from the beginning. I still find him annoying, but if one of us has to die first I rather it be me because I can’t live without him. He says the same thing of me.

We are just both passionate people who often lock heads about just about everything.
But we hate to be apart, we can’t even sleep when one of us has to go away from home and heaven forbid when one of us becomes seriously ill, the other becomes so worried that the sick one has to reassure the other that we will get well.

I adore my husband and he loves me dearly- 30 years and I would never trade him for an easy going agreeable husband.

PS on important matters like our Faith and family we almost always agree, just can’t agree on how to repair the the cracked concrete patio out back right now!

Haha. This sounds like my marriage as well. When you put two passionate, stubborn people together they love hard and fight hard. It’s funny how my DH can get under my skin like no one else and yet he’s also my very best friend in the world :shrug:

Yup, DH and I to a tee. We were arguing away within an hour of meeting each other while everyone else was listening and thinking : these poor suckers are gonna get married. We were both convinced we were waaay too good for the other.

8 years later, I can see how we so deserved each other lol

Well I certainly didn’t hate him, but I didn’t even consider him romantically until we had known each other for 7 years. All of a sudden I realized how kind and handsome he was. That is how it started. If you would have told me when I met him in high school I would marry him, I would have never believed it.

Ditto to this and m crane

Took the words out of my mouth.

If you told my 14 year old self I’d be marrying THAT guy 10 years later, I’d have laughed in your face.

No…really. Even after we agreed to give an exclusive relationship a try and contemplate a future together (by that time I was 19 and he was someone I would consider my best friend), I *still *was not interested romantically in him until about four months into it.

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