Did anyone read the Newsweek article of Oprah?

I know a lot of you in this forum - what am I saying a lot of people period - think that Oprah is too powerful. Enjoy:


Oprah is extremely open minded about things. I favor critical thinkers. :shrug:

Oprah isn’t open minded, she is stuck in materialism and neo-paganism.

Oprah is not a good role model, that’s for sure. She promotes strange, new-age ideas and is waaaaay too “open-minded.” In fact, she’s so open-minded, I think her brains are falling out! :smiley:

Ha ha… that article was so true. I feel sorry for people who hold her in such high esteem. I think that they are just lazy thinkers. Thanks for posting the article

I think one famous cardinal said to have an open mind, but have a screen in front to keep the bad stuff out. :wink:

Thanks for posting that article. I have to confess, that woman works my last nerve. I used to like her and have watched her show, but one day I realized that she had begun to believe her own publicity and stopped being genuine. Now, she just acts. The article is right, she has nothing in common with her fans. She is simply an unapproachable billionaire–how she could actually understand that people can be poor, loose their homes, work at low-wage jobs, and so on and on, is inconceivable. It is simply very good acting.

I’m afraid that after almost single-handedly putting Obama in the white house, Oprah is believing her own hype and will follow in the footsteps of Michael Jackson.

But its almost like Newsweek quoted Ms. Somers quoting me here:
"she said in a February interview with NEWSWEEK. She believes doctors, scientists and the media are all in the pocket of the pharmaceutical industry. “Billions are spent on marketing drugs, and these companies also support academic research.”

God help me!!

Very interesting article.

It is very evident that Oprah wields a tremendous amount of influence, but I wonder as to how long-lasting her influence will endure. She seems to thrive on being “up-to-date” with the latest trends in “spirituality”, “health” and the like. Nothing is so quickly dated as the up-to-date. It’s not as though people are rewatching her shows from 20 years ago and dissecting every word she’s ever said. It seems to be all about the “now”.

It seems to me more like a cult of personality than an enduring legacy. I’m sure she’ll create lots of endowments and different sorts of funds named in her honor to persist after she is gone in support of the causes she believes in. But I’m not sure if people will be wearing WWOD bracelets.

I remember a show a few years ago, can’t recall the show topic, but some how they got on the subject of changing your bed sheets. Most women were saying they change their beds on average, once every two weeks, or more often if needed. She had this >> :eek: look on her face and said that she has to have her sheets changed every day, she just has to get into crisp fresh sheets at night. And she only has massive high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets. :rolleyes:

I can imagine that the average woman would just flip at the thought of all that laundry, not to mention having the number of sets of sheets to even be able to do that in the first place!!

Oh yeah - she is totally out of touch with reality. I can’t believe she still has the following, that people aren’t totally tired of it all already, or seeing through the act.

And I used to be a HUGE Oprah fan, back at her beginning when I think she was a little more grounded and remembering her own meager start.


I wonder if she’s changed her mind now that changing sheets everyday is not “eco-friendly”, at least not according to most of the major hotel chains. :slight_smile:

There was that show a few years back where she gave everyone a car. What she didn’t tell is the number of people who could not accept the car because they could not afford the taxes, et al, on it. Just because it was a gift doesn’t mean it was tax-free.

I saw an interview with a couple, apparently just your average family type, who talked about not being able to afford the ‘free’ car. They needed a new one, but had to keep on making do with their older car simply because they couldn’t afford the new one. Kind of sad, actually.

Thanks, lizaanne, for mentioning the fresh sheets incident. I had forgotten about that.

Forgive me, for I have never watched her program to comment well on it, or her. I’m not keen generally on the celebrity thing. Donald Trump, anyone want to discuss him? Or Paris Hilton? Just kiddin.’ Paris on Dave Letterman the another night … she isn’t eating, she’s shrugging or flinching: The photos, poorly chosen, clothes-wise, but she looked healthier in them. What is she going through, for she seemed so much better in her interview after imprisonment, with Larry King interview.

Your quote "all for Jesus,all through Mary is not scriptural. Jesus said,“no one comes to the Father,except through Me” Ralph

Your quote "all for Jesus,all through Mary is not scriptural. Jesus said,“no one comes to the Father,except through Me”

Ralph, as a protestant, your entire belief structure isn’t scriptural, but this isn’t the place to discuss it. Go to the apologetics boards.

I can’t stand Oprah. I believe that when she dies people are going to start a Church around her. They’ll take all the books in her ‘book club’ and mark them as Scripture, and her prophets of Drs Oz and Phil will preach her greatness for generations. As others have said, I think she too is starting to believe some of the hype that surrounds her.

I believe that the Lord will use Oprah, he will use her and Obama and others as He see’s fit to bring the world to a close. This “New Age” is fast moving in on us, and it sure isn’t from God, but He allows it to happen. I can only say that I am thankful that I am ready to go home to glory when he calls me or if I go in the Rapture. Ralph

Who is this patron saint of homosexuals,gays,etc. Does this imply that he was one himself. Ralph

Who is this patron saint of homosexuals,gays,etc. Does this imply that he was one himself. Ralph

I don’t know his name, that’s why I ask for his intercession by his patronage. (If that’s the right word)

I believe St Dymphna is considered the Patroness of those with sexual temptation. It’s not because SHE was struggling w/ sexual sin but because her father wanted to have an incestuous relationship with her and she said no and it cost her her life

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