Did anyone receive a Catholic type gift for Christmas?


Hi everyone;

I was pleasantly surprised to see that my dd remembered me saying that I needed a new set of Rosary beads (my last ones broke:( )…so, this morning, to my surprise…my husband bought me a beautiful set, imported from Jerusalem…with a glass piece in the center, holding actual dirt from the Holy Land. :o I was beyond happy…it meant a lot to me!

Plz share if you too, received something Catholic-related.

God bless & Hope everyone’s Christmas was very special.:slight_smile:


St. Francis and St. Dominic medals:)


That’s great!:slight_smile: I think there is something special about receiving things that signify our faith.


OL Guadalupe sofa pillow, but it seems irreverant to use it. Dove tealight holder, which I will use as reminder of Holy Spirit for Confirmation meetings. Rosary box. Crystal bracelet with hearts, crosses, medals, very pretty. Angel pin. Angel ornament. Bookmark from Vatican museum. bible cover and matching tote bag. “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” tote bag. Stuffed bear with angel wings that sings “Jesus Loves Me” when you press his belly. Pyx (don’t know why, I am not EMHC, will give it to the nun who takes communion to the sick). Book called “Christmas Miracles”. 3 nativity ornaments. crystal nativity 3" high now part of my table centerpiece. Plaster nativity which my best friend got at a garage sale and hand painted for me (I have lost Baby Jesus, so am looking for a new one, or will make one). Ghiradellini chocolates (Aztecs call it gift of heaven, sounds right to me).


Wow! How great! I think all chocolate is heaven sent.:wink:
Thank you for sharing! I would love for someone to buy me a larger nativity manger. We have a medium sized one, but we keep it in our family room–we went to one of our relative’s homes tonight who had a large ceramic one with votive candles throughout it…lovely.


don’t have manger or stable, maybe somebody will take the hint and give me one. my favorite gift (besides my new monitor) two little granddaughters designed and made wreathes, they dyed pasta green, somehow glued it to wreath shape, with a wire hanger, decorated with red candy “berries” and a striped ribbon. very cute. also have a police whistle that is inscribed: “Come Holy Spirit” very cool, very loud, I will let you know if it works. I am already planning how to use it for our confirmation retreat.


Aw! I love it! How wonderful, a homemade gift from your grand dd’s…that is something to cherish forever, indeed. My daughter made some very pretty angel decorations to put on our windows, and I have one on our frig. I love homemade art. I will miss the days when they stop making that.:blush:


Merry Christmas All,
I received a wonderful theology book from my nephew who is
studying for the priesthood and a book of novenas. My mom gave my wife a beautiful rosary. The best gift this year however has been being called back to Gods beautiful Catholic Church after many years of being away.

God Bless,


Oh Gary! That is marvelous news! Welcome ‘back.’:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
God bless you, and thanks for sharing!!!

I will also keep your nephew in my prayers, as he journeys towards his vocation–that is so awesome!


The most beautiful gift we recieved was our Family Bible, complete with family history! The first Catholic Bible in our house. It was such a blessing to read a passage out Luke chapter 2.:slight_smile:


Thank you for the support. Thanks also for keeping my nephew in your prayers. He is a remarkable young man. He’s only 17 and just completed his first semester of seminary. He has always had the calling to the priesthood since a young age. I pray he makes a good priest because I know we need more of them.

Thanks again and God Bless,


A family Bible–awesome!:slight_smile:
Complete with family history? Could you explain?


I got a Rosary from the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. from my mom who was there back in October! It hasn’t been blessed yet, so guess who’s bringing it to my priest later this week!


My daughters got me a cd of “Into Great Silence”. :slight_smile:


Another poster on here told me about having items blessed–how do I go about that exactly??


My sister gets me the odd Catholic notion from a Mexican Grocery store every once in while. This year she got a large flint glass Madonna bottle with a cork in the top. I have no idea what it is for. It looks like a coke-bottle-colored glass Mrs. Butterworth’s Syrup bottle only larger and Mary. I can’t see me trying to fill it up with Holy Water–it is too large. She said I should either fill it with blue sand or olive oil (virgin!) But it really looks like something that should be useful. Anybody know what to do with it? Is it a Latino thing? Maybe I will fill it with sand and put a candle in the top.


My mother in law had entered a lot of the family history from my wife’s Grandparents down to our five beautiful children.


My mom gave my husband and me rosaries. Also, Father Richard gave everyone in our RCIA class a new Sunday Missal for 2008. :slight_smile:


One of my sons gave me the Pope’s book Jesus of Nazareth. I’m stoked!


My former in-laws gave my non-Christian ex-husband a lovely crucifix. I laughed when I saw it (still in its box). The ex says he’s going to have a talk with his parents about how he’s not a Catholic.

I gave away a rosary to a friend this year.


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