Did anyone watch The O'Reilly Factor last night?

There was a segment with a woman (Alexia somthing) from some “Catholic Alliance” or some such group (I know, you’d think I could be a little more specific, but it was over 12 hours ago and I have 3 kids under 5, so have some pity on me!:stuck_out_tongue: ). Anyway, they placed an ad, in which Bill was personally mentioned, basically asking him “tone down” the “war on Christmas” stuff. She went on along the lines of “we all need to get along, not offend others, be compassionate and tolerate, joint together to fight poverty, that the real meaning of the season, blah blah blah” :rolleyes:. Bill kept telling her that there was a war on Christmas, and the ACLU is constantly suing cities to keep Nativity scenes off gov’t property (even if menorahs and Santas are allowed), that there was a movement among retailers to forbid employees from saying “Merry Christmas”, etc. She just repeating the mantra about “joining together” etc.

As I watched (and got ticked off :frowning: ), two things crossed my mind: one, I really wish her group hadn’t put the word “Catholic” in their title (but I guess if Frances Kissling can use it, it’s up for grabs for anyone :mad: ), and two, I would love to hear Bill Donahues take on this, maybe get the two of them in a little debate :stuck_out_tongue: .

Did anyone else see it?

In Christ,


I saw a portion of that section of the show. You have told me more than what I got out of it, but I thought (Oh, no, some other
group calling itself “Catholic”) . I got the feeling that she was
saying “We just need to reach out and get along.” That’s when
I had the “Catholic” thought. I had a close relative who thought
the way that lady did and came to find out that he didn’t take a
stand on anything. Always “seeing the other side” but never
taking a stand on any principles when push came to shove.
We Catholics do have to take a stand and in this case we do
have to let retailers (Don’t say “Merry Christmas”, have “Holiday
Trees”, Removing Creches and allowing menorahs, stars , no
Christmas Carols) that they are wrong and will vote with our
Yep, I’d love to see her and Bill Donahue debate the issue!

Yes, it was Alexia Kelley, executive director of Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good. For anyone who is interested, you can view the transcript or video clip here. Its not a site friendly to Bill O’Reilly, but I couldn’t find the clip on his website.

One of the less-publicized hires at the Democratic National Committee is its new religious-affairs director, Alexia K. Kelley, who replaces the Rev. Brenda Bartella Peterson. Mrs. Peterson resigned after The Washington Times reported on Aug. 4 that she had supported an effort to remove the words “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance.

Alexia Kelley, director for religious outreach for the Democratic National Committee, said Mr. Kerry’s policies reflected overall Catholic teachings.


Sorry. Wouldn’t know a thing about it or really care as I do not watch or care for his opinions anyhow.

So what about ms kelley? :shrug:

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