Did Brad and Angelina split up?

…or are the tabloids at the check out stand wrong?

Hmmmm . . . . maybe you should go to eonline.com/ or perhaps nationalenquirer.com/ for information.

I am not entirely sure exactly who Brad and Angelina are, but I do know that the tabloids in the check out stand do not use…ummm…proper journalistic standards for what they print.

Ignore those rags;)

I don’t think they were officially “together” to begin with.

Not “officially” but she did have supposedly his baby & didn’t they adopt kids together. Not that I care in the least about them… but the kids… :frowning:

But as others have said, don’t believe everything you read.

(except of course what I write) :stuck_out_tongue:

I have always felt that relationship is doomed, like any relationship that starts when one of the parties is already married.:rolleyes:

If you met someone through adultery…you will probably lose them to adultery, too. Just my thoughts.

Is it any of our business?

Isn’t gossip a sin?

You mean for mis-information?:smiley:

That is my point - why are all these headlines saying this? It’s been going on for weeks.

To sell papers.

Sometimes I think the stars actually like their name in the headlines, even if the stories aren’t true… just so long as they are in the public eye… then they can make the talk show circuit and discuss how none of it was true - oh and I have a new movie coming out blah blah blah.

That’s what I was trying to suggest at the top of the thread: if this conversation belongs anywhere, let it be on some gossip website – not Catholic Answers Forum.

Popular Media is appropriate for discussing news stories of those in the entertainment industry. The OP said she had read the headlines & was just asking if anyone knew if it were true. How is that gossip? If you don’t care to participate in the discussion - don’t.

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