Did Buddha Predict Jesus?

I know this sounds crazy…I know…but this article was brought to my attention:


Toward the end of it, there is a passage allegedly written by Buddha that predicts a Holy figure coming and the prediction obviously sounds a lot like Jesus…Read the article, it is extemely short, and let me know if you have ever heard of this before/what you think about this concept of Buddha predicting the coming of Jesus and/or the risen Jesus going to India and performing miracles, etc…I am not saying I believe it, but how can you not be interested?


It sounds interesting,
The budhists, with a large following with their chantings with prayers going up along with the fumes from incense, would be considered the possible candidates for accepting Jesus as the Lord of the universe.

It may not be a sheer coincidence.
Few days back, i met a guy, whom i took for granted as a christian because of his name sounded so, but to my dismay i came to know, he has joined budhist fold, since he got fascinated by their peaceful living habits.

Best of luck and God bless you in the endeavor of relating the Budhist and the Christian.

Bunk. Chek out what the Buddhists say.
Scroll past the merely outraged; there are reasons this does not play out.

For one thing; there is nothing remotely like this in Buddhism anywhere.

The language there is far too Christian. I would want to see the source documents, translated by a non-Christian.

The interpretation of “heaven” as “Nirvana” is a particular red flag. The two concepts are miles apart.

Noonsense! I am shocked and apalled that anyone who calls themself a Catholic, and who has any basic knowledge of the New Testament and the tenets of our faity could even entertain such a thing.
Be careful, by indulging yourself in such matters, you could very well be putting yourself in the occasion of sin and endangering your immortal soul. I would seriously recommend that you discuss this with your priest at your next confession.

Very good source, thanks for citing it! While those people are obviously not experts, they certainly would know more about Buddhism than me (considering I know absolutely nothing).

Really good point here as well.

I think you should calm down…there really isn’t any reason to be so dire. It was an interesting theory that is apparently completely untrue, as I suspected, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t even take the time to consider its validity. Besides, even if it was true, it wouldn’t in any way violate ANYTHING about Christianity, not a single thing…so your outrage is really quite ridiculous.

So I take it you won’t be attending “confession” for posting an article on CAF;)

No…Buddha received his enlightenmen 500 years before Jesus of Nazareth…prophesy was not involved.

Right but Budda said he found a path, he never said he was the path.

It doesn’t suprise me in the least
The guidance of the holy spirit is available to all who seek it.
Why would the gift of prophecy be restricted only to those decended of Abraham?

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