Did Catholic Priests and Nuns Help Hitler Write Mein Kampf?

At a lecture the other day, my professor told us that Adolf Hitler’s original manuscript for Mein Kampf was just a mesh of ramblings and to remedy this, he had several Catholic priests and nuns act as his editors and make it more legible. My professer reasoned that Hitler was able to convince those priests and nuns because he’d been so well acquainted with them during his time of poverty in Austia-Hungary.

Does anyone know if this is true or not?

Editor, singular, not plural.

The editor of Mein Kampf was a wing-nut named Bernhard Stempfle. Yes, he was also a Catholic priest.

Hitler didn’t have to convince Stempfle of anything, he had his own anti-Semitic and anti-government writings to his credit by that time.

As for Hitler seeking out an editor to make his ramblings coherent, I doubt it. Stempfle was an experienced journalist, and probably knew what it would take from an organizational and literary standpoint to get the book published.

Sounds like your professor isn’t very up on his history if he doesn’t know the basic facts about Stempfle.

Stempfle was murdered by the Nazis in the Night of the Long Knives in 1934. He may have argued with Hitler or he may have simply known too much damaging information.

Ask him for one thing:


I think the more important question is to ask if it is true what does this mean to you? Does this mean all Catholics are bad or that you should stop being a Catholic? Be careful people. Satan attacks leaders (fathers, politicians, and most especially religious leaders) to help bring about the destruction of many souls as Satan knows that if he can get leaders they he will also gather many followers. To me Catholics doing bad things just reminds me to pray for them and to keep my eyes on Jesus and what the Catholic Church’s Magisterium teaches.

Madonna, Nancy Pelosi, V.P. Joe Biden, Kathleen Sabilious are/were leaders in their positions. Each one of them proclaims to be Catholic and yet each one has openly done horrible things and/or support horrible things such as abortion or the HHS Mandate. They are sinners yes and they need forgiveness and to repent but Satan knows very well that if he can get people in such high positions to do/support his evil plots then many will follow to their destruction. Be careful who you follow. Follow Christ and his Catholic Church. Bad priests are not the ideal to follow as they too will sin. Rather cling to the truths as the Catholic Church teaches via its Magisterium.

God bless

The original post asks a question and it sounds like the professor at a minimum overstated the answer.

Besides poverty, I believe Hitler was injured in World War I, perhaps he came across Nuns and Priests in this manner, during his convalescence.

The Nazis also were known to have persecuted the Catholic Church.


I believe during the “Night of the Long Knives”, the Catholic Church was acted against as well.

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