Did Cdl. Ratzinger give Communion to a Protestant?


At the funeral Mass for John Paul II, Ratzinger communed the Rev. Roger Schutz, a Swiss Protestant pastor and founder of the Taizé ecumenical community in France.

I am interested if you have heard of this and what you know about it. I am a devout Catholic and this could pose a problem in apologetics discussions.

Although I was unable to confirm this online, in the days following John Paul II’s funeral, I heard that the Reverend Schutz had converted to Catholicism. If so, there would certainly be no problem with his receiving Communion. Given that and given our new Holy Father’s well-recorded opposition to Catholic-Protestant intercommunion, it would be best to give our Holy Father the benefit of the doubt.

Update: With thanks to mercygate for the link, this article states that “Brother Roger of Taizé” is “a well-respected member of the Catholic [C]hurch,” thus indicating his conversion at some point.

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