Did Christ Come to Earth to found a Mass?

I swear that is the impression I get from many when browsing these Forums. One would think that the Tridentime Mass was handed down from Jesus himself as he ascended to Heaven.

I can understand how people have a poor grasp of history. The Trindentime Mass is a recent Mass that only really started about 500 years ago. The Masses of the Eastern Catholic Rites are much more similar to the rubric of the early disciples.

Nice as that sounds, it’s pretty far-fetched. Don’t know where you picked that one up.

The so-called Tridentime (sic) Mass was handed down from Jesus himself, through the person of his Vicar on earth. Just so you’re aware.


You show you have no grasp of the history of the Old Mass.

you show you type faster then you read. read his comment again. He said through the vicor of christ ei the pope. It was passes directly from christ to us through the pope. No historcal debate is necessary. He is not talking deep dark history. your in christ.

I’m quoting chrysostom15, not commenting on KMXV’s comments…

Please, read the comment from the person I was actually quoting.

I have made a mistake my apologies. I responded before the first cup of coffee was gone. you were talking deep history with the other poster.

apperently I type faster than I can read.

No problem,

Apology accepted.

Yes, Bob, it was rolled up with a pretty red ribbon around it. Landed right next to the leather-bound zippered cased Bible.

Pretty sad we now not only pray for our separated brethren in Christ, but also our separated Catholics.


Was Paul VI his Vicar also?

Who is John Paul VI?

I’ve heard of Pius 13, but not John Paul VI

The name given to Pope Paul VI by a CPA on his 933rd tax return

Nonesense. The Tridentine Mass is more properly called the Gregorian Mass- after Pope St. Gregory the Great who codified that Rite (yet didnt found it- it’s lineage goes back to the Early Church).

Wish we had a “cracking up” emoticon:rotfl: :rotfl:


Love it!!!

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