Did Christ die because we deserve the death penalty?


Is it accurate to say that Christ died for us because we deserved the death penalty? This argument was put forth in the book “The Case for Easter.” This seems to fit more into the protestant line of thinking that humans are basically bad, but didn’t know if it can be reconciled to Catholicism.



Such an argument is so beside the point. Christ could have redeemed us with a mere thought. He suffered and died as He did to show something of His infinite love for us in a way that we could grasp to some extent. We do understand what suffering is like. We have no experience of anything that is unlimitted.

Such suffering also demonstrates to us what an offense sin is to an infinitely good God. If there is a “case for Easter,” it has more to do with God’s goodness, than our weakness. We are all about God ! !

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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