Did Christian stations broadcast anything on Pope John Paul II & Pope Benedict XVI?

During all the secular media coverage surrounding Pope John Paul II’s death and the election of Pope Benedict XVI, I turned to the 2 Christian stations that we receive. I didn’t see any kind of coverage. I gave them the benefit of the doubt assuming they just were not equipped to handle live coverage. However, I never saw any kind of programming afterwards on the papacy. Did anybody see anything - positive, negative, or neutral?

I listened to Calvary Chapel radio here in Southern California for several hours during the days after, just out of curiosity but never heard anything. Not one word regarding the Pope, but I do not have the capability of listening 24 hours a day so I could have missed something.
I also listened to a little other Christian radio stations, just a couple minutes each, but like Calvary Chapel heard nothing.
Maybe someone else heard something I missed though.

I listen to KLove - (Chrisitan contemporary music station) and during their news broadcasts they mentioned the Pope. I listened very closely & it was very factual & neutral.

I watched CBN to see how they handled the funeral and elections. They did cover it and had reporters in Rome. Pat Robertson was on TV around the time of JPII’s death speaking on how great of a man he was, but I got the impression that he (Pat Robertson) wasn’t very happy with the election of our new pope…as he didn’t even comment on our new pope the day he was elected. The other reports concerning the whole process were fairly neutral.

I like to watch the 700 Club for the news, but once the news finishes and Pat Roberston starts “healing” people over television, I turn the channel.

I did see one Christian station cover the Death of Pope JPII and the election of Pope BXVI. Which one? Why EWTN of course. I consider it Christian though many Baptists I know don’t.:wink:

I’m glad you posted this. During John Paul’s last day and the day of his death, our Christian radio staion in town barely, barely mentioned him. I phoned in and asked them to include JPII in their daily prayer on the air (sad to think I had to do that). I couldn’t listen at the correct time to see if they actually did. I also expressed my extreme disappointment in them not reporting on his health status during his last day, or even his death until their ‘regular’ news break. I told them the secular stations in town were providing at least half hour updates on our Holy Father, and most were doing reports on the Pope’s life, and his wonderful service to God; I told them how sad it was that a Christain Radio station was basically ignoring the leader of a billion Christians. I told her many Catholics listen to their station. She said the reason they weren’t reporting is because our diocese wasn’t giving them any information. I politely told them I doubted the diocese was contacting the secular rock stations either but somehow they were getting a feed. I was basically being pacified with ‘oh, we are all Christians and it doesn’t matter what religion we are…we are all praying for him here at the station’. They may have been true and if it was it was wonderful of them, but typically when something is on their mind it’s on the air also. Same story with the election of Pope Benedict…nothing outside of a 5 second blurb in their regular newscase. I wish we had Catholic Radio here.

Most of the Protestants I know (and I am one) watch EWTN. Not kidding.

i saw something on trinity broadcasting network while i was flipping through stations the other day that was saying JP2 was a great man. i think it was a commercial.

I didn’t see anything about JP2 on the Christian stations either. It didn’t really surprise me though. Even though those stations boast to be for all Christians, their messages seem more geared towards Protestants. There was a program once (can’t remember the name of it) that was talking about different Christian denominations, what their beliefs were, what went on during services, etc, etc. Well they started talking about how some churches have different litugical seasons, such as lent and ordinary time, and I was hoping they would do a profile on the Catholic church. Instead, they profiled the Lutheran church and made it sound as though liturgical seasons was something unique to Lutherans only. These programs sometimes exclude the Catholic church because I think maybe they are afraid that if they talk about us on their networks, they would actually have to admit that we are Christians also, and some Protestants don’t believe that we are.

Local FM southern gospel music station gets their news feed from APN Network News, so up-to-the-minute news was carried.


oh i remember now… it was about a book of how JP2 supposedly saw his church dying or some crazy stuff like that. i flipped the channel immediatly, because that was just like TBN to say soemthing stupid like that.

[quote=David_Paul]Most of the Protestants I know (and I am one) watch EWTN. Not kidding.

I’ve watched EWTN for years now, especially Mother Angelica Live (I love her, she reminds me so much of my late Grandmother), and am now watching the Rosary with Mother Angelica whenever it’s on.

Guys. Didn’t you know that the Pope is the head of a church that will eventually become the false prophet assisting the anti-Christ in his one world religion?

Get with the program! Of course we won’t hear much on it from protestant stations. However, if you watch TV late at night on Sundays you can buy magical water that cures you of illness, or something. Or you can watch Benny Hinn and he can smack you and you fall to the ground and your tumors/cancer/broken bones/demon possesions get cast out. After you give him money of course.

What was I saying? Oh yea, the Pope is the future helper of the antichrist so why display any news on it? TBN viewers will all get raptured away anyway so why bother keeping current? Just send your checks, buy the magic water, watch TV and get cured!

…was my sarcasm obvious? :slight_smile:

[quote=David_Paul]Most of the Protestants I know (and I am one) watch EWTN. Not kidding.


Glad to hear that many of your Protestant friends watch EWTN (I assume you do as well?). I have an Evangelical friend who listens to the local Catholic station at work every day and she says she enjoys the discussions.

Joe U

:nope: I didn’t hear anything either…But I am not surprised.

JPII’s death…not unlike his life…probably resulted in alot of conversions…all that coverage stirred curiosity, I’m sure, and like Bishop Sheen said…the Church is like a lion in a cage, and all we have to do is open the door!

Those protestants didn’t want to open that door.

and like Bishop Sheen said…the Church is like a lion in a cage, and all we have to do is open the door!

Those protestants didn’t want to open that door.

Hey Lilith, thats my tagline. Watch it! :dancing:

But on a serious note, I actually saw Benny Hinn devote one of his shows John Paul the Great. Benny was actually at the funeral and talked very positive about Catholics. He talked about how he was raised Catholic and he mentioned that he recieved Communion at the Funeral Mass (typical lapsed Catholic). He went on about how he has been reading the Catechism and how wonderful it is and that Catholics are true Christians (no shi*) :banghead: .

I thought it was very nice of Benny to allow us Catholics to use the label of Christian.

Benny did make many false statements about the Church on this broadcast that shows how little of the Church he knows:

  1. stated that after reading the Catechism he realized that Catholics too teach salvation by faith alone (sorry Benny, we know that Salvation comes though Grace alone) :banghead:

  2. Benny mentioned that the Mass was beautiful with all of the Gregorian Chant. He said that the Church no longer uses Chant and that is too bad (Benny, yes we do) :banghead:

  3. Benny said that all of the Cardinals and Bishops over there know who he is (this may be true but I doubt they take him real seriously) :yawn:

PS not trying to rip on Benny, not too bad at least. I just don’t think giving misinformation is a good thing :nope:

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