Did Comey Delivers Political Gut Punch to President Trump?

At the outset of a pivotal week in Washington, FBI Director James Comey delivered a political gut-punch to President Donald Trump Monday — and the news possibly could get worse for the president in the days and weeks ahead.

In sworn testimony before the House Intelligence Committee, Comey said there was no evidence to Trump’s claims that Barack Obama wiretapped him and Trump Tower, as the current president alleged in a series of tweets earlier this month. And he confirmed that his agency was investigating the 2016 Trump campaign’s links with Russia’s effort to intervene in the presidential election.


The plot thickens. I wouldn’t call it a gut punch, except for those who want the questions surrounding Russia or wiretapping to completely go away or to be confirmed. I await the results of the ongoing investigations, which will hopefully be conclusive.

What a tough day.

Arguably the worst of it happened when Comey corrected Trump’s real-time tweet about Comey’s testimony.


WH is distancing itself from Gordon, Page, and Manafort. Hard to get distance form Stone.

And I’m wondering about Comey himself, if the Russians might have the goods on him. (He mentioned that as being one of their tactics – manipulating people they have damning info on.)

  1. He made public the FBI’s investigation Hillary’s emails on a laptop just before the election – tho he is not supposed to make public investigations before they are completed, and as it turns out the emails revealed nothing new. But that action may have been the straw that broke Hillary’s chance of winning.

  2. He did NOT inform the president (then Obama) and other top officials about his investigation into Russian interference in the elections or that he was also investigating whether the Russians were coordinating with the Trump campaign on it until yesterday, under oath, after being subpoenaed. He stated in his testimony that the FBI usually gives reports on new and ongoing investigations quarterly (the investigation started in July 2016, so that would mean by end of Oct), but did not do so in this case, which could turn out to be the case (if it pans out) that out-does Watergate and even goes beyond Benedict Arnold. The importance of it goes way far beyond Hillary having a personal email server.

So that is another big question – what explains Comey’s erratic behavior?

Another thing that came out on the news late last night is that apparently Rex Tillerson plans to skip a key NATO Summit and travel to Russia instead. (Bad timing for that news to come out.)

See: nbcnews.com/news/world/rex-tillerson-skip-key-nato-summit-plans-travel-russia-n736226

Nice bit of fiction and paranoid speculating

I agree actually, think some of this stuff may lead nowhere. That said, his approval rating continues to sink, and adding an official, public FBI investigation in the mix won’t help.

You’re referring to the barrage of Tweets that were sent from the White House during Comey’s testimony? If so, I agree! :smiley:

Seriously, how insecure must our president be if he cannot let the proceedings conclude without interjecting via Twitter with his opinions?

As pointed out in the quote in post #1 he also “confirmed that his agency was investigating the 2016 Trump campaign’s links with Russia’s effort to intervene in the presidential election.”

Is there a pattern of disclosing ongoing investigations forming?

That may have been addressed in his opening statement yesterday where he addressed the conditions under which the FBI can make a statement.



If you thought Hillary’s loss and Trump’s win was shocking, wait until … about two weeks from now … when Comey submits his report.

I agree!

Our President is a christian.

The woman who ran against him is pro abortion and pro same sex marriage.

Case closed.

Stop dissing the Prez.

No good catholic should trash the first pro life Pres we’ve had in 8 + years.:slight_smile:

i have serious questions about a so called catholic (the person who posted this) who
supports the pro abortion, pro perversion, liberal media

I know, right? :confused::shrug:

Let god alone judge.

Also, this thread is about none of those things.

I will say whatever I please about the current president of the United States. (within the bounds of charity)

Stop telling people what to do and questioning their religion. You’re not the police of who is or isn’t sufficiently Catholic.

Naw. Also, nothing you pointed to has anything to do with what this thread is about. Further, any serious discussion about the President isn’t “dissing.”

Are you the thread police now?

What are you even talking about? This thread was about Comey.

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