Did God Create These Things?

I am having trouble wrapping my around why He would create this: quantamagazine.org/20130917-a-jewel-at-the-heart-of-quantum-physics/

Physicists have discovered a jewel-like geometric object that dramatically simplifies calculations of particle interactions and challenges the notion that space and time are fundamental components of reality.

“This is completely new and very much simpler than anything that has been done before,” said Andrew Hodges, a mathematical physicist at Oxford University who has been following the work.

The amplituhedron itself does not describe gravity. But Arkani-Hamed and his collaborators think there might be a related geometric object that does. Its properties would make it clear why particles appear to exist, and why they appear to move in three dimensions of space and to change over time.

The amplituhedron looks like an intricate, multifaceted jewel in higher dimensions. Encoded in its volume are the most basic features of reality that can be calculated, “scattering amplitudes,” which represent the likelihood that a certain set of particles will turn into certain other particles upon colliding. These numbers are what particle physicists calculate and test to high precision at particle accelerators like the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland.

Could it be a way for us to know that, if He can create something in the Universe, could He also create something existing outside of the Universe? To justify that life is too complicated to have been the result of chance?

Also, in Proverbs, Ants are praised for their resourcefulness in gathering foodstuffs for the wellbeing of their folk. Yet they tend to fight wars among each other, especially those of similar species. ( io9.gizmodo.com/invasive-crazy-ants-are-nastier-and-far-tougher-than-1522144469 )

Moreover, in the case of two species of bees: io9.gizmodo.com/bees-wage-wars-against-other-hives-that-last-for-months-1648846435

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Since the universe includes everything that God created, then discovering something new and unfamiliar does not mean another universe exists, it simply adds to our knowledge of the existing universe.

Who says humanities definition of the universe is really complete? I believe God has plenty of surprises we have yet to figure out!

Every new discovery points more and more to a design and less and less to random chance.

Why wouldn’t He?


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