Did God intend for us to rule the earth as we currently are?

By rule and dominate I mean modern science, depletion of natural resources, consumerism…

What does Christ’s life and teaching show about this?

God intended us for the NEXT life, not this one. We are to preserve the earth, use it wisely, have dominion over it, but not abuse it or anything or onyone on it. But our path is to eternal life. This is not the endpoint, just a stop along the way.

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Like mastery over our own body, why not?

The issue is one of right and reasonable rule isn’t it?

We are hardly doing that…but no one person is responsible for the mess. Perhaps we all are.
Perhaps nobody because at the level of a species we have no head, we are too disorganised and divided. That may be a result of the Fall and out of our control by and large. It may also be the sin of some leading members of our species but not all.

God knows all that was, is, and will be. If it happens, it’s somehow part of His plan.

To think God didn’t know or plan about us being able to drive around in SUVs, etc., implies that God isn’t worthy of our attention or worship.

Is modern science evil? Some of it is. But was the Roman Empire evil, or rather full of evil? Very much so.

Evil may have grown, but grace has far surpassed it.

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