Did God "knit together in my mother’s womb" people who have horrible lives?

Hey Catholics! Would love some help with this one.

If God has planned out wonderful futures for us, how come some children live lives of poverty and abuse and are slaughtered prematurely? Surely, if God plans out each of our lives, he wouldn’t plan such terrible things to happen to us - f.e. aborted babies.

Let’s such say a kid lives in a war-torn area, and has a horrible existence, and prays fervently to God that his town doesn’t get obliterated by the political enemies. His prayer isn’t answered and he loses his life in the destruction of a village. This is kind of a seperate topic, but how come some prayers are answered and others aren’t?

Thanks so much all, would love clarity on this one!

Life here is temporary for all of us. Life here for EVERY person has negatives and horrors as well as positives and joys. God never promised to ANYONE that it would be easy but He DID promise that He would walk every step with us & that there was another life with Him where all these temporary things would be washed away. Heaven is worth suffering for.


One way to look at it is that we are all indeed knit in our mothers’ wombs by God, which gives us all the more reason to respect the dignity of all life by opposing abortion, unjust war, feeding the hungry, providing medical care, etc. The Psalm itself is not guaranteeing a life free of pain and struggle but is reinforcing the creation of each soul by God and the potential of each human life to be holy.


Because of the fall of Adam and our sins. God let Jesus suffer so we can expect nothing less.
Also, suffering is not bad because it can lead to redemption.


Three wonderful perspectives, thank you all :slight_smile:

You may not like the answer, but reference “original sin”…the earth and “us” were not originally privy to the sufferings you mention…we brought it on ourselves…well Adam and Eve did, we are suffering the consequences of them not obeying God.

Take heart though…this life is transient and beyond the veil is something truly amazing…

Revelations 21:4

4 And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

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Ask God. I assure you He’s listening.

I’m not a Catholic, but I will try my best.

God intends nothing but goodness for His creation, so it cannot be said that He created the evil that happens in our lives. Indeed, Divine Providence permits these things to happen, but they do not originate from God. Divine Providence deemed it fit that there should be secondary causes (whether preparatory, efficient, etc.) among the creation, and so what happens in this world is unpredictable (but not random), e.g. fire can either provide us warmth or burn us.

Even the wisest men cannot see all ends. But, perhaps the greater good that will be drawn from evil being permitted by Divine Providence, is the manifestation of God’s Justice at the end of it all.

The miracle of God’s promise is that death is not the end. Now mortal life is is up to free will humans. God does not fail someone when death happens. On the contrary that is when the miracle happens.

This is my problem with the prosperity focus in non catholic Christianity. We we can be blessed in this life, there is no promise of that in this life. Especially based on deeds. Although I have noticed financial rewards with tithing it’s not as magical as the TV preachers describe it. More like an unusual $40 donation resulted in a car repair later that week being $400 less than the quote. Not every time an odd surplus. Look at Joseph sold in slavery by his brother. Look at Jacob tricked into polygamy. Look at his wives and sort of wives, no say in who they marry and not blessed with kids when they want or afraid to die if they give birth again. Look at Jesus. All but one apostles was executed. For generations believers were executed, continues today actually. This life is in the free will hands of humans. First God gave one rule, not to eat of the tree, then he gave 10 commandments soon following a major micromanagement of over 600 positive and negative commandment. Then Christ left us with two. God told us how to live. He came down to be with us and told us how to live and how to start over when we fail. He wants us to behave different and recover when we go wrong.

God isn’t Santa Claus.

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