Did god save me? Second chance


Story goes I met the women of my dreams as a young adult we had never been with any body else! Unfortunately the relation lead into sin sex before marriage etc!

We recently got married and wanted to start a family! We have had some trouble conceiving which had lead both of us into depression! Thus leading us into more sinful acts seeking advice from spiritual healers psychics etc knowing it was totally against the church! Which lead me into greater depression! I couldn’t get up one morning and my wife decided to take me to church and in which the priest read me a prayer for depression which by later that night I felt like a new me had emerged. I then decided to go to confession and change my life for good! Which I wrote down all the sins in which came to mind and confessed them to the priest!
Nearly a week later we were talking about abortion with my wife and how we don’t understand how people go and do it! She referred to someone she knew at high school who took the morning after pill and still got pregnant! At that stage I remembered that I had sent my wife years ago to go and buy the pill to take in case of an emergency! I always wore a condom during sex never broke it never did anything just a few times we were extra cautions due to some hick ups! So the story goes like this!
The first time my wife went to buy the morning after pill she encountered some family friends at the chemist! Thank god for that as she walked right out!
The second time we bought the pill together however my wife never took as she totally forgot to take it within the 24 hours as recommended by the chemist!
I really didn’t know much about the reproductive system until recently and my wife didn’t really know much about the morning after pill either! As we both thought it was a contraceptive! After intense research I started becoming very depressed and had a lot of anxiety trying to remember if there was any other times!

The problem is my wife has swarm to god she never took them pills but in my head something keeps telling me she maybe did or there was another time! I trust my wife but am scared her memory might not be as accurate! She keeps telling me to trust her as a women remembers these things! I went to the priest again and confessed that I made my wife buy the morning after but thank god she never took them! But I also told him that I have my doubts! he told me that it’s the devil putting things into my head as he knows I suffer from anxiety and his trying to lead me over!
Everyday I have my ups and downs and but now I see it that god saved me and my wife as we were both very uneducated about the reproductive system when younger and didn’t know what we were doing!
Problem is how can I get rid of the devil going into my mind? Every night I go to sleep I pray to god and my patron saints to give me a sign to know that me and my wife didn’t do the worst sin and abort! I am now also seeking medical advice to ensure that I can put what my wife has told me in head!

Word of advice educate your children especially in this day and age like I said my wife and I have been together for nearly a decade and most likely people will not wait for sex after marriage!


It’s good that you’re listening to your priest on this. And whenever you have questions about sin, remember he’s there for you.

It is against the forum rules for us to give you medical advice. The person to talk to would be a professional who deals with anxiety. They’ve got the education and experience to help you.


Infertility is not a curse or a punishment from God for any past sins. Everyone is given different crosses to carry in their lives, and infertility is one of them. I pray that, if it’s God’s will, that cross be lifted from you and your wife.


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