Did God send me a message?


I was praying the Rosary the other day for my parents, it was during the fifth Glorious mystery that someone popped into my head, he was a boy who died when he and I were 14, he was a friend of mine, nearly three decades later he pops into my head. Nobody that day with his name did I speak to or about, it seemed strange that he popped into my head.

The next day I prayed a Rosary for him and another boy who died when we were at school, I feel like either he had asked for prayers in Purgatory (if he can) and God nudged me (seems probable) or as it was during the Coronation of Mary maybe it was to tell me he is now crowned in Heaven (less probable).

Who knows, just seems strange that after all these years he appeared in my mind.


I don’t think it’s out of the question, no. It would make sense.


When my mom died, my father, for whatever reason, was reminded of a family he knew back in his home state over 50 years ago who were in a tragic car accident and they lost a small child. I don’t know if he was thinking of this family just to try to have some perspective, but he hadn’t thought of them in decades. But the next thing you know, someone from that family called my dad to offer condolences and let him know they were thinking of us. My dad is not always the most spiritual man or at least outspoken about it, but he was pretty floored by that.

So, you never know.


If it’s not sinful or distraction (and obviously this was a good thought), it’s a little prompting by the Holy Spirit. Following such promptings is a good idea.

I’m glad you prayed for him, and I’m sure he’s praying for you.


God Himself is a mystery in His thoughts and actions. We cannot know in this life why we receive such inspirations, or what good our prayers have done. But, the next life will reveal all to us and it will make perfect sense.


Get them indulgences


It is a wonderful thing. Whatever brought him to mind, you prayed for him. That helps.
As one walks closely w Jesus, supernatural communication can occur.
Assume the good! Feel cherished. Stay Humble. Walk w God.
In Christ’s love


God is active 24/7 in our lives. Occasionally, we listen. There may be nothing absolutely special on that particular day regarding that young man, except that he needs prayers. We can be derailed if we ascribe extraordinary meaning to common communications or thoughts.

Just offer prayer and you are pleasing to the Lord.


God can send me 100 messages… I might be lucky if I pick up on one of them. :slight_smile: And then I’m embarrassed to admit how many of them I actually act upon!

Definitely don’t beatify your friend. Trust him to God— and pray for his soul. Prayers are never wasted, so even if the good you do gets directed elsewhere, you know it’s going to a worthy cause.

Keep it up! :green_heart:


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