Did God speak to Adam?

Its says in Genesis that God spoke to A and E.That they heard His voice and they hid.Is this metaphor?did God speak to their minds but not audibly?

I don’t think that it matters to the meaning or significance of the narrative whether or not God spoke directly as in a locution to Adam and Eve or whether he spoke through, I suppose we could say, the silence of their hearts.

To answer your question, though, I think it is definitely likely that God spoke directly to Adam and Eve. The Old Testament makes account of several instances of God speaking directly to individuals–Noah, Abraham, Moses, Solomon-- and even appearing in a physical manifestation, often a flame.

Did God quit speaking to A and E once they left the garden not to speak to them ever again?It says God called out to Cain and talked(i quess we can assume aloud).So did God continue to speak to men but just certain ones?

Per a common thread in the Old Testament’s account, God only spoke to individuals for whom He had some kind of particular plan or with whom He had a certain kind of relationship which warranted that kind of direct revelation. The people God chose to reveal Himself to were special, for sure. When Adam and Eve fell from grace, they lost the favor of God and were sent out from the Garden. I think it is definitely plausible that God ceased any further revelation to them.

The text seems to be silent on whether or not he continued speaking to them. I would posture that he was still actively involved in their life and did not leave them. Cain and Able probably learned of God from their parents.

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