Did God Teach Me Something Directly Today? A funny story

I was raised Protestant (Lutheran) and am in the process of converting to Catholicism. Obviously, I have some subconscious habits and ignorance that I hold. For example, I don’t go to “service” anymore, I go to “mass”.

Anyways, I showed up today at my 3rd Confession, and it was my first time attending a Confession under usual circumstances (not during a personal meeting). I enter the church and sit down to wait my turn in “line” behind the other confessors. So let me set this up…

As a Lutheran… while they did have an altar and a Holy of Holies, I often saw and performed a casual demeanor before or after a service. There was no “reverance” to God outside of the service.

So, as i said, I’m waiting in line at Confession. There’s like 5 people in line, and I think “This is going to take awhile”. So I pull my phone out and start a texting conversation with a close friend, and also play “Yahtzee” on an app. After I close out my text conversation to return to my game, suddenly, my phone screen stops working. I push it and absolutely nothing happens. I can’t type in my password, I can’t “swipe” to open the phone. The thing is useless. I’ve had phone issues in the past, and didnt’ think much of it right when it happened.

However, it dawned on me that I might have been in err as far as my demeanor. I called my friend who is a Catholic, and she was like “You were on your phone???.. you’re sitting in front of your Creator, and you’re playing Yahtzee???” She assured me that yes, this is not acceptable. I’ve had a very vibrant spiritual life the past few weeks during my conversion, and now that I think about it, I honestly believe God basically shut down my phone so that I would give him proper respect, focus, and worship.

Ha! It’s kind of funny to me now, the thought that my true Father took my phone away because I was using it in Church. I’m glad God taught me this to clear up my ignorance. No matter why you’re in the church, you owe it to Him to show him the ultimate respect.

Thank you Lord!

Cool story–thanks for sharing.:slight_smile:

Thanks for posting! :slight_smile:

The Lord works in mysterious ways comes to mind~:D

Enjoy your journey home…


It takes HUMILITY to accept chastening from
the Lord, I’m glad you didn’t get angry b/c your
phone wasn’t working!

Great story :slight_smile:

The only time I am ever on my phone in church is when I am going to confession and I am using the Confession App to do a good examination of conscious or if I am praying the Liturgy of the Hours and I don’t have the physical book with me and I am using the Divine Office app.

Most times I don’t even bring the phone into the church. Why put that temptation within reach of me.



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