Did I accidently get excommunicated

Alright, Now I think I’m really worrying. So awhile back I was talking to someone on a instant messaging chat (it was like an anonymous chat room). It is sort of funny and you see a lot of random things happening. The person came into the room a was like “bless me father for I have sinned” and we all jokingly played along. Another instance was when I was like 7 and we just got back from mass and we were at lunch. Everyone at our table was “pretending” to celebrate Eucharist with chips.

I know this sounds very very silly but i’m actually worried here. If I did get excommunicated is their was way to undo it. One of my teachers told me all he had to do was write a letter to the Vatican and then he could receive Eucharist after he got divorced.


You can’t accidentally excommunicate yourself. You have to completely know. Also, if you’re still concerned, go to Confession and talk to your confessor. He’s more qualified than me and will know what to do.

Oh I see. I does see silly and I was young when it happened and didn’t know.


Well, at least I am not the only one. :o

My sister and I would play church when we were little and used ritz crackers for the host. :o:p:D:o:blush:

There’s nothing wrong with playing church. In fact, a wonderful priest in my parish used to use bananas to sprinkle people when he was little. He also recited all of the Eucharistic prayer on the way home as a kid.

I heard stories of my brother using a plunger.

The OP is overly concerned. If there is any way in which you think you may have sinned, take it into the confessional. I did want to address the issue of divorce, in which you have been misinformed. A divorced person does not need to petition the Vatican in order to receive the Eucharist. He/she may need to confess personal sins committed during the upheaval that accompanies the divorce process. There are many people who are innocent spouses. It is remarriage (without the original marriage being annulled) that keeps a divorced person from being able to receive Communion.

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