Did I actually commit the sin of presumption?

Let’s say you’re planning on going to Confession in a few days. You decide to do something you know is sinful because you know you’ll be able to confess it and get absolution in a couple days. However, for whatever reason, your plan to commit that sin falls through. Did you still commit the sin of presumption?

yes. the intent of presumption was there regardless of whether you acted on it if you fully commited yourself to do a certain sin knowing you were going to go to confession.


One should never entertain the evil mindset that since they plan on going to confession in a few days, they might as well commit some sins till then.

Yes indeed! To plan to commit a sin with part of the plan being that you will soon confess and be forgiven indicates that you need to study your faith in depth with regard to the sacraments. I pray for the Holy spirit to enlighten your mind with regard to your conscience or lack thereof. Your mindset is to view the sacrament of Reconciliation as a dispenser, doling out forgiveness upon your entry in the confessional and telling about your recent escapades. You have no real understanding of repentance and a firm purpose of amendment. Please discuss your attitude about confession with your priest as he will be able to offer you some instruction and help for your muddled thinking.

Sadly yes. And what makes it worse is that you deliberately think that you will sin becuase you are confessing your sins in a couple of days. A venial sin can easily be a mortal one! Don’t let the Devil lure you in to something you can’t handle. Satan is very smart, I did find out that some time ago. So, what ever you are thinking to do, don’t do it. God bless you.

A child of God shouldn’t “want” to commit a sin. We do sin in fact. We may be tempted to sin, but being tempted isn’t the same as “wanting” to sin. For example, I am a recovering porn addict. I hate porn. I actually completely hate porn and I hated it when I was addicted to it. I did not want to sin. But I would feel temptation and the sick pleasure outweighed my hatred of the sin. Now that I am free means that I get want I actually DO want, which is to not be forced to perform an evil action.

The problem with the sin of presumption is that it means that you “want” to commit a sin, but you don’t want to have to suffer any consequences for it. The real problem is WHY you “want” to do that which is disapproved of by your Heavenly Father.

I was actually asking hypothetically. I’d never read up on or heard too much about the sin of presumption prior to a week or two ago, and since then I’ve heard a few different sources quote the line about how they liked dating Catholic girls in high school/college because they could always go to Confession the next day. I’ve been joking with my wife lately about how I could do this or that and not worry about it because Confession was this weekend.

While thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that you’ve all stated. The more I pondered it, though, I started doubting that. If I plan on stealing something or causing harm to someone, and have fully committed myself to the deed, but then don’t do it, I haven’t committed that sin. Why would it be different in the case of presumption?

We all have sinful thoughts, but that does not mean we go thru with what we think we could do. And in a way, thinking of harm someone, is a sin, but we can not always reject thoughts but we can choose not to do what we think we could. But in a case on presumption sin we do not reject the thought, and have no interest in do so, and it is getting worse. If you think that you will steal someones money, for instance, and then think “oh, I can do that and confess later on, that will make it OK” the sin of presumption is there. If you then come to a better solution and don’t do it, you still have commit a sin. It is not so much what you was about to do, but the fact that you think it is alright because you can confess it and all is well once more. So, the sin is not what did not do, but how to be absolve later on. The Sacrament of Confession is our way to make up for what we did, but using that Sacrament, and all Sacraments are holy, to “get away with what we did” is a sin against the Sacrament of Confession. If we sin more or less by pure mistake or we can’t fight the temptation, we will be forgiven after Confession, penance and repent. All Sacraments are holy, and because The Church is The very Body of Christ, we sin against Christ, and The Holy Spirit. To make it short and sweet, the thought of nicking someones silverspoon with the thought that I will confess later so there is nothing to be afraid of, is a sin against a Sacrament of The Holy Church (Christ) and also against the Holy Spirit, and that is a sin no priest can absolve you from, and even if you do not rob anyone you have commit the sin just by thinking you can get away with it later on.

For me the question would be, “Will I really be contrite when I get to Confession.” If I lack even imperfect contrition, I probably wouldn’t even bother to go.

Double whammy:D

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