Did I, as a non-Christian, commit sin?



Iam not a christain and from past one year I completely avoided going to hindu temples. I love Jesus so much. But recently, unexpectedly along with my family i had to get into a temple (though i prayed to Jesus at that time ) and from then I was feeling guilty of the sin i committed. Did i commit sin, please help me , i feel as if i have sinned and God is angry on me.

Thanks in advance


Hi Anu,

You say that you had to be in a Hindu temple, but that you prayed to Jesus while there. That’s quite comendable for one who is not a Christian. You don’t mention your age or your family situation. If you are an adult and are independant of your family, you might want to allow your love for Jesus to grow through actually becoming a Christian by being baptized. If it is possible, I suggest that you visit a local Catholic church. If this is not possible, continue to pray to Jesus and He will take care of you. You are in my prayers.

Fr. VIncent Serpa, O.P.

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