Did i become a christian?pls read and reply me


i was a muslim.mentaly converted.but not baptized yet.cuz i am from a muslim country.here is my life risk.i will go forever to a christian country after 3 years.then i will openly baptize.so i want to know if i belive jesus in my heart and in my soul did i become a christian?


Unless I am mistaken, I think you would be considered, at least informally, a Christian catechumen, a believer preparing for baptism. The Catechism of the Catholic Church (1249) says: “Catechumens ‘are already joined to the Church, they are already of the household of Christ, and are quite frequently already living a life of faith, hope, and charity.’ ’ With love and solicitude mother Church already embraces them as her own.’”


God bless you for converting. I can imagine that is was not an easy journey.

If you think your life is in danger, just remember that you can be baptised at any a time by anyone (Catholic, or non Catholic, or even Muslim) by having the person sprinkle water over your head three times while saying “I baptise you in the Name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit”. If something were to happen to you before you could be baptised, there also is something called the baptism by desire, which you would seem to fall under.

God bless you agian,


If you have approached the Church in some way by speaking to a priest and expressing your desire to receive Baptism, you would be considered a Catechumen. If you were to die before having the opportunity to be Baptized you would be permitted a Christian burial. I you have the opportunity to receive Baptism but don’t out of fear, then that is a different situation.


May God bless you and give you strength. Be careful, but also be heartened that many saints have stood in similar situations to your own and God stood with them all.

I will be praying for you, and for those brave brothers and sisters who share your current plight.


actually i have no opportunity to baptize now even not any opportunity to talk to a priest.but after 3 months i hope i will get 1 chance maybe.cuz there are no church in my town.i will go to our capital after 3 month for a reason(without reason can’t go,it will be doubtfull)then i will try my best via a hindu frnd.i will try to go to a church.i do not have any christian fellow cuz in my country 150million ppl live but christians just half million


actually i also don’t know any church in my capital city also.but my hindu friend told me that he will try to find a way for me.so i hope jesus will help me.but dear sirs jesus know the best that i just belive 1 god that the holy trinity.father son holy spirit.&but i want to be a catholic&now i do not have any option to baptize or even talk to a priest.now pls make cool my mind wit your precious advice.thanks alot for all of you.jesus bless us.


Your in, don’t get discouraged by the legalism. When you have a chance go to a priest and get baptized, just know now that you are a part of the Christian family.


Take heart in the fact that the thief on the cross, crucified within sight of Christ, was promised by the Lord he would be in heaven that very day. He had no opportunity whatsoever for baptism, except for the baptism of blood he shared witht he Lord.

God will not forget you; the shepherd does not forget the sheep.


since you have internet access, why not try to email a priest?

also, i believe in other christian denominations, just saying the sinners’ prayer and believing that you’re a sinner and ask Jesus to save you, that you’re ‘saved’ and a christian…

i suppose your immediate life isn’t in danger but what you mean is that it would be were you to openly convert and receive baptism now rather than when you move to the christian place yea? i guess if it’s only 3 months, you could wait 3 months, in the mean time, just pray…

will keep you in my prayers :slight_smile:


We will keep you in our prayers, that you will be able to make the trip and also find through your friend a church and priest to talk with. Until then keep your hope of receiving Baptism.


What about baptism by desire? Wouldn’t that cover a person who dies before being able to receive water baptism?


Wow, what grace! To be Christian where it is a life-risk! For me, it was a “life-style” risk, only - I was fully Protestant and lost that social community by converting. But your risk is far greater, and I am sure the graces and blessings heaped on you are greater too!

You are a Christian today! Amen! Welcome to the family! You need to be baptized, and you will as soon as you are able. But meanwhile, you have recieved the Baptism of Desire. You want to be baptized but can’t for good reason. Jesus, through the Chruch, recognizes your desire to be baptized. Therefore, so you are fully Christian while you wait for the real Baptism.

You can read about our Church’s teaching on “Baptism of Desire” right here at this Catholic.com web page:




Definitely after he enters the order of Catechumens at the Rite of Acceptance.


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