Did i break the fourth commandment?

Honor your father and mother. This is one of those commandments that I’ve never found a true black and white answer to what it means exactly. Does it mean do not disobey them regardless of anything, does it simply mean to be respectful.
Here is my situation: Last night my parents and I got into an argument. We started yelling at each other and there was a lot of anger present. I said a lot of things that I would not have said if I had not been so angry at the time. I did not really believe them but I was upset and was going to argue no matter what. We worked out our differences after the fight and we all apologized and are cool with each other now, nobody is mad anymore.

My question is: does getting upset and angry with your parents constitute a mortal sin of breaking the fourth commandment?

Talk to your priest.

Certainly being disrespectful to your parents goes against the fourth commandment. You don’t say how old you are, but children (minors) are to obey their parents so long as they are not being asked to transgress the moral law. Adults are to respect their parents, but are not under the obligation of “obeying” in regards to doing everything they say to do.

Anger goes against the fifth commandment. Excessive anger is a sin all its own. Yelling and saying uncharitable things is no way to handle a disagreement. It is very immature.

Whether these things are mortal or venial depends on several factors. So, confess them and ask for counsel from the priest in the confessional.

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