Did I cheat?

Strange question, but it’s one that’s bugging me. I plan on attending mass tomorrow and I’m not sure if i committed a mortal sin or not

I had a open book and possibly ( he didn’t clarify) open internet psychology test. I copy and pasted some of the questions/key words onto google. I found the site my professor obviously got most of the questions from along with the answers; after doing this I double checked the ones I was able to answer pretty easily, and clicked the correct answer for all others. I understand why all those were the correct answers, but I don’t think that really matters :S

I’m really stressed now because I’m not sure If i’m in a state of mortal sin or not now, any help on clarification would be greatly appreciated. I hope I didn’t “cheat,” I normally pride myself on being a honest student.

No you didn’t cheat he opened the test up to outside resources you were just really clever. If anything the professor should be ashamed he pulled the majority of his test from the internet.

BTW to be a mortal sin it has to separate you from God and this would hardly qualify.

If there was no clear rule against it, then IMNAAHO nothing wrong was done.

No sin at all, never mind mortal.


You cheated obviously; you may not have committed a mortal sin but as for cheating, you did. A test is a test; it is meant to test your knowledge of the subject. Even if the answer book had been left on your desk, as a Christian, it would be wrong to check and copy the answers.
That is the way I see it.

You obviously don’t know what the term “open book” means.

No OP, you didn’t cheat. Open book means being able to get answers from outside sources. If he had meant “only” the textbook he would have clarified.

You are right! I had obviously missed that point! :o
That explains my bewilderment at the answers. Thanks for the clarification.
Do people ever fail such tests?

I don’t know if he failed, but I knew a guy who didn’t bring his book or study guide to a midterm. Prof didn’t let us know it was open book until test time. Oops!

Op, you didn’t cheat. :slight_smile:

I think the question is are you allowed to use the internet for open book tests? You said the professor didn’t say one way or the other but I think that is a pertinent point.

When you say “outside sources” do you mean any outside source? If I was sitting in a classroom taking an open book test and I suddenly realized a book I read in the library had info that might help me in the test, can I go and get it? Just wondering not arguing with you

I don’t think you sinned.

And you didn’t intentionally cheat- you took the test in accordance with the directions as you understood them. However, the only way you’ll know what the professor’s intentions were is to ask them. Had they meant that internet as a resource for the open book test was ok? If they did, great. If not, you probably need to arrange re-taking the test/different version of the test.

Was this exam for an online course? Or did he see you take out your laptop in class?

He made it a take home online test and e-mailed us that is was open book because he felt bad for not covering the material in class (because of college canceled for weather).

I say that you are fine, but if you are concerned, ask a priest in confession. He will either tell you that it was not a sin or he will absolve you of the sin. Win-Win!



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