Did I commit a mortal sin by missing Mass?

My wife, three month old daughter and I live in Hanoi, Vietnam. We went to the only English speaking Mass this morning, but we noticed that it was extremely cold. They are doing a lot of renovations to the church and so there was also a cold breeze no matter where we sat. After my Confession, I asked one of the Ushers to turn the heater on because I was worried about my newborn daughter getting sick, but he said that they would not be turning the heaters on. So even though my daughter was bundled up, it was too cold for her to sit through Mass, so we left right before Mass started.

We would have gone to another Mass, even though we don’t know Vietnamese. But we don’t know the Mass schedules. Also, we didn’t want to continue to expose our daughter to the cold weather by trying to find a Mass.

So did I commit a mortal sin?

These links should help you to feel better about missing Mass when you or your dependent children are feeling unwell or are contagious. If you have any further questions or concerns that are not answered by these links, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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