Did I commit a mortal sin by passing others on the interstate with somewhat icy conditions?

Hey everyone. I have a question. I was coming home from Confession and I decided to pass a person on the interstate. Well, when I passed the first person I was not thinking about the fact that the left lane was a little icy although I knew that it was. I went ahead and passed and I ended up fishtailing slightly. I then encountered another person who was going a little too slow and so I decided to pass them again despite the fact that I knew the second lane was icy. I went ahead and passed them with no problem. I had decided to take a risk on the second time.

Anyway, I know that it is grave matter to endanger other people’s lives on the road due to a love of speed. However, I did not pass these people because I wanted to go fast. In fact, I stayed slightly below the speed limit during the entire time, even when passing these people. I always stay below the speed limit despite a few accidental times when I go above it but then I correct my speed. The main reason why I passed them was simply because I did not want to be following someone. I dislike following people on the road and I also dislike people following me and so if I have the opportunity to get out of that situation, I will.

But anyway, I am being quite scrupulous and I am worried that I may have committed a mortal sin. I did want to get home quickly but like I said, my primary motive for going around them was because I did not want to follow them.

So anyway, I would greatly appreciate your input and advice. Thank you very much.

I’ve always had a lot of difficulty with scrupulosity.

Sufficient time for deliberation is necessary for mortal sin. You didn’t say “I really don’t care what might happen, I’m going ahead even if I harm them”. From your account, you were probably a bit imprudent under the conditions; but by no means could this be construed as mortal sin.

But if you think of the responses of the people you passed, that might help you to decide to mortify your own will when you do find yourself in those situations. Few people enjoy being passed, especially if the person who passes them slides on the ice when they do. Driving allows us to practice many small self-denials, when the power of an automobile encouages us to self-indulgence when we’re behind the wheel.

Its not mortal sin, however If you are feeling guilty feel free to go to the confessional to be absolved.

But the thing is, I just went to Confession. In fact, I was coming home from Confession when it happened.

That said, I knew that it might be a little risky to go ahead and pass the second person but admittedly I was a little bit prideful and I felt like I could pass the person without significant risk to myself or to him/her and so I went ahead and passed them. I felt that it was safe enough to do so or I would not have done it. I knew that there was some risk but I believed that the risk was small enough that I could go ahead and pass. Now that I think about it though, I probably should have been more prudent and just stayed behind them.

The Minute we step out of the confessional, if we have a thought or anger or lust we have sinned. Its a constant walk. Us eastern catholics refer to this as Theosis. The Journey of becoming one with the will of God. I honestly think you are reading too much into it. God loves you so much, which is shown by him allowing you to the supper of the Lord, and the Priest absolving you. Confess to God, if you still feel its not enough Confess to the Priest. He will remind you truly of the Love Christ has for you. Mortal sin is intention sin for Sin’s sake.

Trust in the mercy of Christ, through the intercessions of the Theotokos. And remember, the confessional is open to all sinners, especially me.

Hello Holly. :slight_smile: I hope you are doing well.

Based on what you have told me here, I would say you did not commit a mortal sin at all. I’m not even sure it was a venial sin.

You did not intend to be reckless, you were not trying to go fast, as you said, you simply didn’t want to be behind them.

I am pretty confident that you are just fine and did not commit any grave sin.

Thank you everyone so much for helping me out with this situation. I greatly appreciate it! I am a little more at peace now.

Gah! I hate it when that happens!

Say an Act of Contrition and confess when you go again.

I keep meaning to confess this kid of thing, but when I get to confession, it leaves my mind (there really are bigger fish to fry, after all). I figure that means it’s not that important. IDK :shrug:

Anyway, I know that it is grave matter to endanger other people’s lives on the road due to a love of speed

:ehh: It is, huh?

I don’t think that’s what you were doing regardless.

I think you are over analyzing it but you do need to drive slower on snow and ice and be more careful.

Yes, it is right here in the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

2290 The virtue of temperance disposes us to avoid every kind of excess: the abuse of food, alcohol, tobacco, or medicine. Those incur grave guilt who, by drunkenness or a love of speed, endanger their own and others’ safety on the road, at sea, or in the air.


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