Did I commit a Mortal Sin? Help!

Hello I am a 15 year old male, after finding out masturbation was a sin I have refrained from it but this morning I’m confused, I think I was awake but it was weird I think I remember images in my head then I felt myself ejaculate, I’m not sure if I was awake prior to these images or this happened while I was asleep, I may have touched my penis but I do not remember masturbating or anything like that, so have I committed a sin, I do not even remember having an erection or being aroused I just know I ejaculated, it felt like I was awake but I am not sure.
Have I committed a sin I am going to church later so i want to know if there is anything to confess I am really stressing out about this so can any of you help me?

I think it was a wet dream as it was 3 weeks today since my last one but I am still stressing out about can anyone give me any advice please.


You can not sin by accident. You must be fully awake and conscious of your actions in order to sin. It’s certainly not mortal, because mortal sin also requires full consent of the will, which you don’t have when you’re half-asleep.

Keep up the good fight.

So I haven’t committed a Mortal Sin? I’m just confused as to what it was, I think it may have been a wet dream but I wasn’t aware you could be awake before the release.

If it was a wet dream you were not fully conscious…hence wet dream, that means one of the most important aspects of deeming something a mortal sin is missing.

Here are the three conditions:
It has to be a grave matter.
You have to know it is a grave sin.
You do it willfully knowing it is a grave sin.

You may talk to your confessor about it but if it was a wet dream you did not willfully do it, you were semi-conscious. Not a Mortal sin.

When you’re asleep, your subconscious is in control, as a result, we can not sin, since we can not give a consent of will. If this was a wet dream, which is likely, it was not a sin. Discuss it with your confessor, he can give you better guidance.

You probably just had a wet dream, but confess it just in case if this remains confusing to you after thinking and praying about it.

If you masturbate you did a mortal sin. If perversion entered your mind and you continued to dwell on it furthering the pleasure with full understanding of what you were doing…its a mortal sin.

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