Did I commit a mortal sin right after confession?


So I went to confession today, and I also wanted to confess some sins that I forgot to confess the last time. However, I had two old mortal sins that I wanted to confess, but I only remembered one when I knelled there in the booth. The priest said that I shouldn’t worry about it and just say it the next time I went to confession. And so he started to say the absolution.

Here comes my dilemma. During the the time when the priest said the absolution, I hoped I wouldn’t remember that sin I forgot about, and I tried not to remember, because I didn’t want to bother the priest by making him say absolution again right after. Very shortly afterwards, I kind of realized that maybe I shouldn’t do that, and then instead tried to remember what that sin was, but with no success. By then I had received my absolution. When I went to sit on an empty seat in church, I started to get worried whether I had committed a mortal sin by deliberately trying to withholding another mortal sin by trying not to remember.

Then again, I kind of realized what I was doing in the booth very shortly afterwards, as I said. I am not sure at all if that constitutes mortal sin.

I also decided to take communion, since I figured it could be just scruples.

I need you help on this. What do you make of this?

A few notes to think about as you examine your conscience.

In order to commit a mortal sin one needs together -grave matter, full knowledge and deliberate consent.

So in examining ones conscience regarding mortal sin -ask if one had the needed knowledge at the time and also gave deliberate consent.

For even if there is a grave matter involved – such does not mean that one has committed a mortal sin. It is not like one say “accidentally commits” a mortal sin like one accidentally steps on a nail -there needs to be knowledge sinful character of the act and deliberate consent (as the Catechism notes: a consent sufficiently deliberate to be a personal choice).

Now - sometimes one is tempted etc but one does not consent (at least on completely)…Like for example a persons thoughts may start to go in a not good direction but they for some reason do not realize it -and as soon as they do-- they turn them elsewhere (thus doing a good act).

So in examining ones conscience regarding mortal sin keep these sorts of things in mind --your confessor can guide you and help you too.

As to what if one does remember a mortal sin during absolution in the future? - this is from Jimmy Akin jimmyakin.com/2009/12/what-if-you-suddenly-remember-in-confession.html

As to scruples - if one struggles with such --the age old practice is to have a “regular confessor” who knows ones soul, ones scruples and can guide one. He can answer and guide one in these questions and give one principles at time to apply in ones case.

I see no mortal sin committed by what you wrote. God has forgiven you and I would suggest not worrying about the initial forgotten sin.

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