Did i commit a mortal sin

Today i found a 3 mangos, mom forgot we she bought some so she cut me half a mango when I tasted it is was to sweet for me, i asked my parents if they wanted it they said no , then mom told me to throw it away and I did was this a mortal sin or venial sin because I wasted half of the mango.

You have to be kidding right…? Its not a sin at all.

Mortal sin causes grave injury. In this case, this was not so. I consider it was not even venial sin, because ultimately you did not act as if you didn’t care about food, but you simply did what your mom told you (under virtue of obedience) and even felt bad about it :wink:

Your concern and respect for food is commendable. Keep up the good work!! :hug1:

Ha! Well according to my dad, that would be a mortal sin.:wink: He never waste food. However, I will have to say that no major sin was commited.

Venial sin only, if any.

Definitely not a mortal sin.

And I had some mango today and it tasted like a mildly sweet carrot.

Sounds like you might be a little hard on yourself? I cannot see that you committed a sin at all.

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