Did I commit a mortal sin?

I was at a stop sign waiting for the cars to pass on the intersecting Hwy. There was a small break in which I thought I could cross (its a busy hwy with a lot of traffic). There was a vehicle that had pulled in the turn lane on that hwy (stop lights have been installed but not up and running yet)…I got tired of waiting (had waited around 2 minutes that I know of) and I think I saw the individual in the turn lane about to go/beginning to move…I thought…no…I’m tired of waiting and went. I later asked a co-worker who had the right away and the indvidual in the turn lane on the hwy did…did I commit a mortal sin of wreckless driving by doing what I did?

No, not at all. I mean, seriously, where did anyone ever say “Thou shalt not drive recklessly.” Plus, I don’t think you were driving recklessly anyway, you just made a little mistake. No worries. May God bless you.

Absolutely not. No way.

When you suffer from OCD / scrupulous behavior it is best to speak with your priest / confessor / or spiritual advisor.

It is very easy to ask strangers on the internet if something is a sin or if it is a mortal sin. However, it is best to speak with the priest. Asking on the internet can fuel your OCD / scrupulous behavior.

May God give you graces and peace in working on your worries from OCD / scrupulous thoughts.

Thanks for your responses. I do suffer from OCD (which I take medicine and am getting counseling for) and scrupulosity, which I try to go to the same Priest for my monthly Confession. I try to go to Confession once per month but last month went 3 times…I just went to Confession this past Saturday and am trying to only go once per month unless I commit a mortal sin. I understand black and white sins…like skipping weekly mass, killing someone, sleeping with someone prior to marriage or someone else’s spouse, robbing someone, etc but its the more gray sins that confuse me…like reckless driving for example. I get confused about judging if a sin is grave or not and if it can be grave, when it is grave enough to become a mortal sin. I do not want to wear out the Priest that I go to for Confession. I do want someone else’s opinion (other than mine) that may see the “gray” sins more clearly. I appreciate your and the other’s responses, they bring comfort to me.

Your priest will not feel you “wear him out” with your questions or confession.

Tell him that you have a hard time in judging if something is a sin and if it is mortal. Ask him to tell you what is required to be a mortal sin. Ask him if he prefers you to ask others on the internet or to come to him about if something specific is a sin or a mortal sin.

You might also discuss this with your counselor - if your counselor feels it is best to ask on the internet if something might be a sin or mortal sin.

May God continue to help you with this suffering. God Bless you.

Nope not one bit. A mortal sin has 3 attributes, which are grave matter, full knowledge of the sin and its grave matter, and deliberate consent to the sin.


Especially the last sentence. Does your confessor approve of you doing this? ie Asking us?

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