Did I Commit A Mortal Sin?


I had completely forgotten about this until now. So, I was reading a news article about a teacher arrested for being lewd with a student. As I looked for more info, I noticed other websites that were focused on school fantasies and obviously pornographic so I skipped those. Finally, there was a site called the Experience Project ( i had read things there before and had never come across explicit material) . I clicked on a story and as I read, discovered that it was terribly inappropriate(highly detailed sex). I was shocked as I skimmed it. Then I read into it more and couldn’t stop, realized what I was doing, and got out of there. I never thought, as I clicked on the story ,that this website would allow this kind of story.Did I commit a mortal sin? It wasn’t my intent to seek such material.


Since there was no intent, nor were you aware of the site’s material and also that you got out of the site; there is no mortal sin. If you feel you need to clear your conscience; you could bring it up in confession. God bless.


You should just go the the Sacrament of Reconciliation and tell the priest.


Were your intentions meant to be lustful and of a prurient nature, or was your intent to educate yourself on the subject? If the former, then probably a sin; if the latter; then probably not. My :twocents:

Either way, talk to your priest.


Yes, you did, as soon as you were shocked you should of closed it but you continued to read on


I felt milslead by it. The part that bothered me was that I “read into it more”. Would that be a mortal sin or not because I had no intent in the first place?:confused:


I think I will confess it as venial because though I" read into it more" I had no intent to find this material and was mislead. I’d like opinions on this decision please.


Unless you are really good at fooling yourself, if you are unsure about having committed a mortal sin, chance are you did not…

Committing a mortal sin requires that you know in advance that what you are about to do is a mortal sin… It also requires that the offense is a serious wrong… It is doubtful that reading on was a serious offense and since you did not deliberately go to the site for immoral purpose, you did so accidentally. The fact that you are still unsure if it was a mortal sin is proof that you were not aware that it was seriously wrong.

So odds are you did not committ a mortal sin. The fact that you continued on shows that you committed a genial sin from then on.


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