Did I commit a mortal sin????

So I was at a party last night and I tried alcohol for the first time. I barely had any but I got a little… tipsy. I didn’t do anything stupid though, and I still knew what was going on. I am afraid that since I disobeyed my parents and still drank- even though it was out of curiosity- that I have committed a mortal sin… help??? :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:frowning:

hi, i read your question; and Oh, i don’t know…but been there done that…i suspect a conscience is like those old medieval maces-part of a process of doing right and wrong-potentially if on topic of wrong-those spikes dig and puncture the heart-that hurts-…if by behavior- and great risk-you have a division between you and the Holy Spirit that unfortunately grows-it wears out the conscience-as if-by example- the same spikes were used so many times-these are worn to the nub-smooth-then, the conscience does not hurt nor warn…well the obvious goal, if there is a questionable behavior-is to be the salt of the earth…Would a young person wonder such a deep question? but look around-as sin is bad news; for instance, in this state, local news reports-that 9 children were found starving and found skinny while a young child, died or starved, was found by police to have been buried on the property; another report is that the husband of the family-would stay away for days-return-as he kept the welfare money to himself and kept the food in the home under lock and key…to eat himself: he was in no way the salt of the earth-but useless/so conscience developed in the Holy Catholic Church is one that gives you a path for your life of right and wrong , then, guided by a good confessor; God loves you-this is the good news in Christ-thx patrick(oh check out my other posts on the forum if of interest to faith)

Re: The second commenter - your post is really confusingly worded, and I’m afraid it may simply confuse our poor OP. To the OP - drinking alcohol is not sinful in and of itself, only indulgence and excess (the sort of thing that leads to what is usually called “drunkenness”, ie, being wasted). Just from what you said, it doesn’t sound mortal, exactly. Disobeying your parents isn’t something you should try to do, but this case doesn’t sound mortal to me. I am fully willing to accept correction on this point by wiser users, but those are my views on this.

hi, you are right-a bit confusing on my explaination-as the question and answer is out of my area- perhaps that should be ignored as my post cannot be removed-sorry for the confusion-as i unfortunately took that risk to write public comments…(only my personal opinion) this i make a public apology…thx patrick

It is not clear whether you are legally old enough to drink but in getting tipsy, you would have made yourself more vulnerable. One may know what is happening and what one is doing, but alcohol weakens the self control and restraint that helps to resist sin or putting oneself or others in danger. From your post, it appears that you are still under your parents authority and admit disobeying them, so I would recommend going to confession. During confession, the priest will counsel you on the gravity (or otherwise) of your actions and this Sacrament will give you much more than you could receive from a forum. We all need confession to help us stay on track and to grow in faith.

May God bless and guide you to the confessional.

I imagine you know that one of the conditions of mortal sin is grave matter. I do not believe that what you did is grave matter. Best wishes. This would be an appropriate question while in the confessional since it bothers your conscience.

There is an old addage with respect to ones behavior and Confession: “When in doubt, Confess”.
You should take this up with a Priest. Only he can determine if what you did was a sin, and whether it was a Mortal or Venial Sin.
No one on the internet can validly tell you whether or not you sinned. That is for a Priest to determine. All anyone else can do is to give you advice.

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