Did I Commit a Mortal Sin?

Sorry if this sounds childish in advance…I’m still a kid eh?

Okay, So I play this game with my friends online, we can run groups like different countries and we just so happen to run the Vatican. All the members in the group are real people, just to clear that up. A while back there was an AA attack and many people were exiled, I helped plan this thing (IMSERIOUSABOUTTHIS) anyways, so now to not get in trouble with the leader I said that I kind of convinced the guy to do it to have him removed from the group, which I kind of it, then I said it forced him to resign, and I kind of did want him to…So…The issue here is, did I lie? And if so is it a mortal sin?

I can understand when a lot of people would say this is a silly on line computer game and morality can be suspended with impunity. Like when attacking other people’s castles.
However, how we act in a game sometimes tells us a lot about ourselves. If we fix a card game or take a bit from the bank at monopoly it tells us a bit about how we might react in real life if the temptation was there.
In this case you put the blame on someone innocent that has bad consequences for him amongst a small social on line group he wanted to be part of. Wrong yes. Tells you something about yourself. Sin? Up to you and God.
But if I wanted to be a man of honour I would remedy this situation and think twice before lying to hurt an innocent person to protect yourself.

Thank you for the reply.

I cannot understand a word you said…

If in doubt confess it. Even if it’s Venial it’s good to confess it.

  1. Was it serious matter?
  2. Did you know that it was serious matter?
  3. Did you willingly enter into serious matter?

It must be all three to be a mortal sin.

I think the person best qualified to answer that is a good priest in the confessional. IOW, when in doubt, go to Confession, confess the action, and let the priest determine the answer.

Do you actually think that a priest in the confessional are gonna understand this “in game mambo-jambo”?
But Your advice can never be entirely wrong anyway, going to confession prior to Easter is quite common and if it so happens that the OP goes he may mention it as he is there.
Use the opportunity to confess some venials as well then.
Venials tends to lead us to committing mortals at some point or another anyway so get them of your chest man:)

As someone has already mentioned there are 3 elements required to make a sin a mortal one and I simply can’t see the serious nature in this.
Yes, you sinned but I can’t see how a sin like this may put you out of grace.
However, I recommend that you confess it among other venial sins and leave it for the priest to decide.

Yours in Jesus and Mary

  • MarianCatholic

Perhaps it’s just me, but as long as everyone involved in your game knows that it’s just a silly game and not real life, then it is only a game and not a sin at all–anymore than Monopoly is a sin because it encourages making money at the expense of all the other players!. I have 5 grown kids,9 grandkids and 1 great grand daughter. Anyone who can face that new version of Grand Theft Auto–especially with the sound ON—shouldn’t have any problem with a game about ruling countries–including the Vatican! In my day, we were expected to grasp that Road Runner and Wiley Coyote were make believe and that we shouldn’t go hunting for a box of Acme dynamite to light under the boy who set next to us in class and annoyed us, I tend to give young people the benefit of having average intelligence and at least some common sense! BUT, that’s just me—

Generally I think if you have to ask then it’s not a mortal sin - simply because to be a mortal sin you need to be aware that it’s a serious sin and do it anyway. So a mortal sin by its nature is not really something you can be unsure about. That’s my understanding, anyway.

I have a real hard time getting to “grave matter” when it involves an on-line “GAME”.

Lying is always sinful, but this one is probably not “mortally” so. IMHO

What would you want done for you if this had happened to you?
Sometimes that is the best way to gauge how we may have made another feel.

As for confessing, it is obviously bothering you, and if you don’t suffer from scrupulosity, it is a good idea.

God bless and guide you.

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