Did I commit a mortal sin???

Just now when my aunt was asking me a question, I was rather annoyed with her and answered her rather coldly like answering without giving a smile or that delightful demeanour

But then afterwards I regretted doing so as I felt that I committed a mortal sin.

Did I commit a mortal sin? Or is that only partial consent? Please help, I’m rather scruples and I really can’t tell the difference between venial and mortal in my state :frowning:

A mortal sin requires three conditions:

  1. The object is grave matter.
  2. It is committed with full knowledge.
  3. It is done with deliberate consent.

You did **not **commit a mortal sin. Mortal sin is deliberately turning away from God with full knowledge and consent.

It sounds like you were impatient with her. I am always praying to God for more patience and understanding with others.

I think you might need to make an appointment with your parish priest to discuss your scrupulosity. He can surely help you with this problem.

God Bless

You did not commit a mortal sin.
There was a time that even St John Bosco got pretty mad with one of the members of his society for some problem he did.

You should indeed ask your parish priest, who you trust to help you out with this. Sorry to hear the anguish you’re going through.

All the best for you as you strive for spiritual and mental happiness

Here is the standard CAF response to this sort of thing (and I have to say I’ve grown to quite agree with it in most cases):

If you are scrupulous, please refrain from asking strangers on the internet to judge your motivations or your culpability, but rather seek the counsel of a trusted confessor, who can actually give you help by binding you to his judgments. Scrupulosity/picking through one’s conscience cannot be overcome without this sort of help.


I agree. Seek out a good confessor who you know to be very orthodox (in a perfect world, this would be all priests. But we’re not in a perfect world.). Then you can discuss privately your motives, actions, intentions, etc. within the Seal of Confession. This has helped me much. Your scruples will tell you He’s leading me astray. but I assure you that your confessor would do no such thing. Have peace.


It’s not a serious matter, so no.

I absolutely Agree with yougApologist seek a confessor. None of us lay members are qualified to tell you what dictates moral in the matter of conscience. Only your parish Priest can determine

Not a serious matter.

Mortal sin requires 3 things.
1 - grave matter
2 - full knowledge
3 - full consent

If you have to ask if a sin committed was mortal, then part 2 of these cannot be met.

Unfortunately a scrupulous person will simply dismiss this truth with
“but what about…” or
“but what if I…”

Find a confessor and trust him.
God will pleased when you trust.

This is what I do. I remember one reading something by a priest who regularly dealt with scrupulous people. He said that the scrupulous person is unable to trust his own conscience until his confessor helps him develop it. The person must “fly blind” so to speak. You very well may not be scrupulous at all. But you must talk to your confessor.

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