Did I commit a sin at school


So my friend bought a game from me at school hours, my school has a rule to not sell anything on campus , also he still needs to pay me 2 dollars will it be a sin to recover the money at school? Also did i also commit a sin for not following the rules? Thank You. God Bless.


If you knew it was against the rules when you did it, then it was willful disobedience and yes, a sin. If you didn't know, then it might be a venial sin because you were responsible for knowing. You should mention it in your next confession.


So I commited a Mortal sin?


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So I commited a Mortal sin?


It's certainly possible. You should talk to a priest though. I'm in no position to say for sure.


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So I commited a Mortal sin?


A mortal sin involves grave matter, and awareness that what one is doing is grave sin. As you are asking if what you did was sin, it seems the conditions for mortal sin have not been met. You cannot commit a mortal sin without knowing it.


I think Allegra is taking it to far.

Selling a game on campus really isn't a mortal sin because it lacks a grave matter (Unless its like a dirty game or the Ouija board.)

I don't think if you die and you go before God and he says you can't enter heaven because you sold monopoly to your friend on campus and it was against the rules. :p


No. You didn’t commit a mortal sin. Collect the money before or after school and obey the rules in future. Rules are there to make school life easier for everyone.


The game was skate 2 it is pretty fun at the first time you try it.


No willful disobedience of a school's non-morality rule is not a grave sin so therefor not mortal just venial.


Disobeying a local authority's rules can be a sin, but it would not be a mortal sin, since it is not grave matter.

You simply violated a (very) local ordinance about not conducting monetary transactions on school premises. I seriously doubt it qualifies as sinful anyway - it's not like you're using the school to carry on a business, but just making a private agreement between two individuals.

I imagine the school rule is there to stop people making lots of stuff and using the school community to make a profit, because you're at school to learn and not to spend your time thinking about selling to your schoolmates. If you were to do it, you'd have to do it not on school time.

Summary: I don't think you sinned at all, but if you did it would never be anything other than a minor sin and nothing that needs to be confessed.

It's entirely up to you if you want to get your $2 at school. If you don't, then simply wait until end of classes, step outside the boundary of the school and exchange the money on the sidewalk. That way you're in the clear.


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