Did I commit a sin of omission?

Hello everyone,

I really need some advice regarding a situation that happened earlier today. I just moved back into my college, and I was walking with a group of people along a sidewalk back to our dorm building when we came across the name “Jesus” written in chalk on the sidewalk. A bitter ex-catholic and militant atheist acquaintance of mine took a look at the name, and spit a large quantity of saliva on it.:bigyikes: I was absolutely horrified and a little shocked, so I said nothing, and continued walking them back to the dorm. After I walked them back, I ran as fast as I could, and taking my scarf off, wiped up the spit off His name.
My question is this: am I obligated to talk to the atheist about her actions, and were my own actions correct? Did i commit sin by not immediately wiping the spit off the written name of Jesus? Please give me advice on this matter as soon as possible, as I’m really quite upset about it.

To be honest, if there’s a potential that this person might get violent with you if you try to share the faith with them, then you are probably better off not confronting them and instead, maybe pray for their conversion on whatever level. Yes, we as Christians are called upon to lay down our lives for the faith if it becomes necessary (ie. being martyred by a regime that is hostile toward Christianity), but I don’t think Christ would want us to deliberately walk into that kind of situation.

I don’t the answer to your question, but I wanted to let you know that I am equally as horrified. I would have gone back and done the same thing as you, and I will pray for him. That is truly upsetting. Jenn

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