Did I commit a sin?


My husband and I were helping our daughter move home with our grandkids as her husband is getting ready to leave for Iraq. After working most of the day on the way home we stopped to get something to eat and I got a hamburger. I had taken one bite when I realized it was Friday. I took the hamburger patty off of the bun and ate the bun. Did I commit a mortal sin that will keep me from receiving communion tomorrow?


First, keep in mind the conditions for mortal sin: grave matter, full knowledge of the gravity of the action, full and free consent to the action. Taking a bite of hamburger before remembering that it was Friday is not a sin, much less a mortal sin.

Remember, too, that abstaining from meat on Fridays is only required on the Lenten Fridays, Ash Wednesday, and Good Friday. It is not required during the rest of the year. For more about the Friday penance, please see the following articles by Jimmy Akin:

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A good book that addresses scrupulosity – the tendency to see sin where there is no sin, or to unduly fear that one has sinned – is Understanding Scrupulosity by Fr. Thomas M. Santa, C.Ss.R.

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