Did I commit lust as a mortal sin?

So I’m 13 years old and I was on a gaming website, and while I was scrolling down to look at the comments there was this ad about “The 21 Hottest Pics of Kate Upton” and I was like whatever, but then, as I was scrolling up from the comments, I looked back at the ad. I was thinking should I or should I not? So I decided to :mad: and it was a slideshow and I skipped right through the title slide and went for the first picture. Thankfully it didn’t fully load and I immediately realized what I was doing was wrong and closed the page. Then a few minutes later I decided to block the website just in case I got tempted again. Now I feel extremely guilty because, even though I knew it was wrong, I clicked that website and was gonna look at the pics. I even started tearing up because I felt so bad.

Now, the ultimate question, did I commit a mortal sin?

PS The website was NOT pornographic so there were no nude pics.

No. That is not a mortal sin

You did all that is right. If we only had more kids like you, this would one day be a better world. I would not have been able to stop.

Satan will tempt us with lust, but you are only committing sin if you entertain those temptations and impure thoughts.


Go to confession!

You should mention it anyway in confession, it’s still technically venial sin since you consciously decided to open it up. Why risk it? Go to confession anyway. Keep that sad loser Satan out of your life!

God bless! :smiley: :gopray2:

I agree with the above. Not a mortal sin…but still serious enough to warrant going to confession for two reasons.

  1. It will clear your mind and conscience…and your confessor might even offer good advice or encouragement (always a welcome thing)
  2. The graces received through the sacrament itself can be helpful in resisting future temptation.

Note here that when I say it is “serious enough to warrant confession” I am not referring to the specific act bu rather to the underlying temptations and desires that, at age 13, you and your body are just beginning to wake up to.
You are entering a time of great joy and learning and expectation and experimentation and growth - physically - mentally - emotionally - and spiritually. There will be a lot of peer pressure and cultural pressures and many internal conflicts.
I don’t mean to scare you - indeed I want to encourage you to move forward with confidence in great joy in our Lord.
What Id what to suggest is that it is a good idea to establish early on a good relationship with your confessor and other trusted adults so that as various issues come up, you can avail yourself of good sound advice and guidance.

God Bless you on your journey.


Wow, I have to say I am impressed with you having such a well formed conscience in today’s day and age. Sad to say at any swim club or beach you would see about the same. There is a lot of temptation out there.

Advice move the computer to a public place in the house. No computers in bedrooms or other semi-private rooms in the house.

God Bless, you are a good young man who will make a good Father someday .

Hey guys! What it is with you? He did the right thing. If it would have been me, I would have gone much further though. BTW, who is Kate Upton?

Yes - he did do the right thing. What is being offered are ways in which he might build upon this right choice so as to help him grow ever stronger in holiness.


SI Swimsuit model


Good to hear you saw what was going on and exercised self-control, nice job. :smiley: That’s not a mortal sin, sounds more like a near occasion, or venial at best.

The internet, it’s bombarding. Can’t go on any website anymore without some kind of sexual or even mildly pornographic imagery out there, it’s sad…

Thank you. And no, I will not check her out. I am a bit to old for that.

Well I would just like to thank you all for your answers. I will also mention this in confession. God Bless!

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