Did I commit Lust?

I’m a 15 year old male and was talking to some friends when one friend sent me a link, it was a dance video in which contained naked women, when the scene came in with the naked women, I watched the video but at no time did I feel any desires to have those women I just watched out of curiosity, it also happened when I was watching a film and I saw some nudity, I watched the scenes but I felt no desires to have the women in any way.
Now I am really freaking out in case I have committed lust, Did I commit lust? I thought lust was when you wanted something sexual to happen too you, I’m freaking out can somebody give me any answers or advice.


Delete it and delete all the links and history and don’t go back.

Say a Hail Mary for the actors in the video and for your friends.

Going back would be serious; but avoiding and evading those near occasions of sin is not “lust”.

Spend some time reading through Catholic Answers … the new Blog, especially … develop an appropriate formation of your faith.

Build up the good stuff and you won’t have to worry as much about the bad stuff.

Check out the Catholic Answers “Tracts”, which are brief but outstanding sources of information on how to develop your faith and your formation.

It appears to me that you continued to watch the video after you knew it was pornography. That may be a sin, even if there was no lust, because you were contributing to the degradation of the women in the video.

Tell me this: what do you mean by curious? Curious of what? What in the video were you “curious” about? Just because you don’t desire to “have” a woman doesn’t mean you aren’t lusting after her.

Try your best to flee that stuff from now on. If your friends are watching it politely try to change the subject or distract yourself with something else. It would have been sin if you took pleasure in the video which it seems you did not. Be always carefull of these sexual things because it is very easy temptation to like and then fall into sin and keep going into deeper sin. Also, if you watch this sinfull stuff with intention of liking it, the images can stay in your mind. It was good that you had no desires for these things.

It wasn’t pornography or at least I didn’t think it was, it was a Harlem Shake video in which when it switched for about 10 seconds it was naked women dancing, I was just curious as they seemed to be enjoying themselves, I did not imagine intercourse, being in any sort of relationship with any of them

We are not only not supposed to sin but also avoid the near occassion of sin. Watching a video like this can have a detrimental affect on ones attitude towards sex, and women and lead to sin and utlimately have a negative effect on ones ability to have healthy relationships and marriage.

You don’t quite understand. A cut of video with naked women dancing is pornography, intended for arousal.

Also, you don’t understand the lust really is. Lust is not exclusively imagining intercourse or a relationship, it includes any situation where you become aroused by nudity or actions of a pornographic type. “Curious as they seemed to be enjoying themselves” is not a good excuse, and I’m sure that deep inside, your conscience told you that this was wrong. You should avoid all material that includes nudity or sex scenes in any way, especially at your age, because as soon as you convince yourself that it “isn’t affecting you” or “isn’t going to be a problem,” that’s when you’ve fallen into the snare.

I agree with this.

But I didn’t watch the video for arousal, when I received the link I had no idea of what it consisted of, when it I skipped through the video and saw nudity. I continued watching for another 5 or seconds in which I just…I don’t know what happened, I did not actually desire her, or imagine having intercourse neither did I want to touch or feel her at all at any point at all, I didn’t know it was pornography.
So What can I do, I have prayed to God for forgiveness I thought Lust was only when you show inordinate desire for or enjoyment of sexual pleasure.
What Can I do? I’m stressing out even more now, help!?!

Ok, I might have misunderstood. The reason for my concern was this part of your original post:

I had the impression that when you started watching the video, you continued and finished it. This, if you had done it, would have been yielding to the occasion of sin and accepting that which had been placed unintentionally in front of you.

Now I see that you did not intend to see the video at all. I do not think that it was a sin if you stopped looking as soon as possible, after the initial shock of seeing the first few seconds.

You should try to speak about this to your parents, (it is embarrassing, but it will help you if they know) to find guidance. Neither I nor any other poster on this forum can help you as well as people who know you as a person.

Whatever happens, don’t fear. If you have sinned you can confess to a priest, and if you have not, you’ve still learned a good lesson of what the world will sometimes throw at you and you need to be prepared to avoid.

I will offer prayers for you.

I think I am going to go to confession on Saturday, it has just shocked me up a little bit as I did not under any circumstances watch the video in order to get aroused in any way, I clicked the link expecting a funny video or something. I’m trying to overcome masturbation so I wouldn’t have watched the video, I was stressing over masturbation for quite some time and now I am stressing over this, What do I say to the priest? It was only a few days ago I confessed to masturbation and its when I started my battle to overcome it, now I have came into this, it’s half term as well I want to relax as I have exams coming up and it’s getting just a bit too much for me it feels. I am really stressing out

For this, I’d suggest just saying that you clicked on a bad link without knowing it was pornography, and hesitated to look away when it showed the bad material. That’s what happened, based on what you told me.

In confession just say honestly what happened, as you have here :slight_smile:

No, you did not commit lust.

Though I would suggest you try to stay away from that type of stuff in the future.

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