Did I commit Sacrilege ? Please help!

Once I was having an impure thought and when I realized that I shouldn’t think about it I stop. But at that time I think I have a scrupulous mind, was abstaining from receiving communion even though I have gone to confession. So I think it was ok to receive communion because I think that I have a battle with impure thought and when I realized I have try to stop. After this i still receive communion. Did I just commit sacrilege ?, how should I confess it ?

If you think you’re scrupulous, please go discuss this with your confessor or another priest rather than random people on the internet.


Intrusive thoughts and distressing ruminations are symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder. If your experiences are of this type it is something to discuss with your doctor as effective treatments are available. The specifically religious forms of OCD happen with religious people.Non-religious people have non-religious intrusive thoughts and distressing ruminations. The problem is biochemical.

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