Did I commit the sin of detraction?


I was messaging my friend and she asked me about how I liked this university that I visited, I told her it was good and dissapointing, she asked me why it was dissapointing, it was because of the bad things that the Univeristy did/allowed and I told her them, and it involved me talking about a notorious Cardinal she did not know about, I told her why the Cardinal was notorious, and I told her his name. This Cardinal is well known for being notorious, there are no secrets about what he did, you can find out the bad things he did probably on any faithful catholic website. I was telling her the bad things the Cardinal did that made him notorious, she didn’t know anything about this. (This Cardinal was at the synod of the family that the Vatican recently held). Was this the sin of detraction?


CCC 2477 Respect for the reputation of persons forbids every attitude and word likely to cause them unjust injury.** He becomes guilty:**

  • of rash judgment who, even tacitly, assumes as true, without sufficient foundation, the moral fault of a neighbor;

  • of detraction who, without objectively valid reason, discloses another’s faults and failings to persons who did not know them;

  • of calumny who, by remarks contrary to the truth, harms the reputation of others and gives occasion for false judgments concerning them.

Modern Catholic Dictionary:

DETRACTION. Revealing something about another that is true but harmful to that person’s reputation. It is forbidden to reveal another person’s secret faults or defects, unless there is proportionate good involved. The fact that something is true does not, of itself, justify its disclosure. Detraction is a sin against justice. It robs one of what most people consider more important than riches, since a person has a strict right to his or her reputation whether it is deserved or not. (Etym. Latin detractio, a withdrawal.)


So yes I did commit detraction?


We don’t know what was in your mind. Talk to a priest.


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