Did I commit the sin of sacrilege?

Today at mass a very attractive women sat in front of me. I was trying so hard not to have bad thoughts about her. They kept coming into my mind and I was trying to get them out! I did go up for the Eucharist. I didn’t like linger on the thoughts, I tried to make them go away! They were annoying me so bad. But did I still commit mortal sin, and then take the Eucharist in mortal sin???

If your have trouble with compulsive and intrusive thoughts, please consult your pastor.

I’ve heard it said that if you made the effort to oust them and they caused you a little anxiety over them, then it’s not a mortal sin. In fact, it’s something else to be offered up. God sometimes permits such things to pass over you to humiliate you before Himself, which is good for you. I’ve read this in Fr. Jean-Pierre de Cassaude’s excellent “Abandonment to Divine Providence.” God knows we are not perfect and that all kinds of things are battling for our attention, but if we are battling through them, God totally appreciates our effort, even if our results are often abysmal. In fact, Fr. de Cassaude even suggests that we don’t “battle” these intrusive thoughts, but simply “let them come and let them go” and don’t trouble ourselves with them. To trouble yourself with them sometimes seems worse than just letting them go. The fact that you desire complete focus during Mass is what God is more interested in, so He permits these thoughts to come to you so as to give you ample opportunity to “focus!” Let them just pass like clouds, don’t dwell on them, don’t get all upset about them either, but just “refocus” and carry on as if they never happened.

I suffer with the same affliction as I’m sure everyone is to some extent.

Thanks for this, because I tend to suffer from such things as well.

May God bless you abundantly and forever! :slight_smile:

The fact that you “didn’t linger” on the thoughts, and that you fought them, showed that you
didn’t give in and harbor the thoughts. Some saint once said that there’s always a brief period
between the thought, or idea , when a temptation occurs, and the choice to entertain that thought, and if we do, there’s a good likelihood it will lead us to act, or sin.
Talking it over in Confession with a priest is a good idea, as is frequent reception of
Communion to strengthen you.

Next time though you might sit closer to the front where there will be fewer people in your line of sight to distract you, thereby avoiding that near occasion of sin.
Go in peace.

Please do this. Perhaps speak with a therapist too.
I pray for those on CAF who feel needlessly guilty over simple things that the worry are sinful

Hello Brad.

Easy answer for ya: if what you were thinking was heard out loud by the folks around you and the gal involved, would it get you smacked or shunned? If so, you need confession. But since I love Confession, go anyway. It gives the devil apoplexy when you do and takes away his power to distort your thinking and thusly help you to despair. And, since I’m a Mom, I’d say develop an interest in all the artworks in the church you are in or begin your Bible studies with the missalette or the hymnal in the pew. Then you won’t have such a battle. Your Father however, would say keep your eyes fixed firmly on the Cross in the front of the Church.


Thanks guys for all of your reply’s. Sometimes I just get really worried over stuff like that. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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