Did I desecrate the sacramental?

What happened was that I flippantly dropped my clothes (which had a blessed medal on it), although i was not conscious of the fact that there was a blessed medal on it. After that, I realised that, and thought whether I should rearrange the clothes so that the blessed medal wasn’t lying underneath in between the clothes/facing downwards but instead facing upright as I thought that it might be desecration. But in the end I didn’t do anything. Would that count as desecration?

In your case for at least, it is not a serious sin.
Don´t stress about it.

If this is a sign of scroupulosity, you should speak with a priest.

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Thank you for your reply. Could you give some examples of desecration as I cannot find any online and I do not have a clear idea about what the CCC says?

I´m not aware of it myself, but as any grave sins it requires three points to be mortal;

  • Full knowledge
  • Full intent and done deliberately
  • Grave matter

It would have been way more grievous if it was about how you treated the Eucharist etc.

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Thank you very much! God bless!

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You are welcome :slight_smile: God bless you too!

If you spit on it, cursed at it, threw it on the ground and stomped it with your foot, you’d be desecrating it.

Intentional mistreatment, purposeful defacing, or a ridiculous and knowledgeable carelessness would be desecration. You can’t accidentally desecrate it.

Thank you!

See a priest about scruples.

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