Did I disrespect my Mother?

Recently, my mother requested that I go onto Amazon and purchase a book for her, using her account, because she was busy. When I asked her what the book was called, she replied, “Threads: The Reincarnation of Anne Boleyn.”

Now, as those of you who have seen my earliest threads probably know, my parents, due to a series of events which, if explained, would make my post incredibly long, have begun to believe in New Age doctrines such as reincarnation, communication with spirits through mediums, and the like. However, they believe that they are still perfectly Catholic/Christian and silence me whenever I attempt to explain to tem that the opposite is, in fact, true.

Upon finding the book, I asked my mother to come over to confirm that the one which I was about to buy was the one which she wanted. She confirmed this, and I became very sad to discover that this was another New Age book. She noticed, and warned me to “not judge” and to “keep my opinion to myself.” I said, “It’s not just my opinion. It’s stated clearly [in the Bible]. It’s not a matter of interpretation.” She didn’t respond, and I said, “‘It is appointed for mortals to die once, and after that the judgment.’ Hebrews 9:27.”

Did I violate the Fourth Commandment by doing this?

I would say no, you didn’t disobey her in this case. As far as I can see it was a good thing for you to offer correction, but perhaps someone else will have a better view on this. :shrug:

No, not at all.There is no disrespect in offering an opinion. You are not six years old. Especially when you are offering an opinion as a way of loving your mother, by showing care of her soul. Parents rarely listen to the advice of their children, but you can save it up in your memories so as better to choose their nursing home. Hee! Hee!
I started to be wiser than my parents around 14 years of age, stopped momentarily in my twenties; then placed them lovingly in with the rest of the population as being below my knowledge and wisdom. Right up until I grew up close to my retirement.
Keep looking after them, even if they are wrong. They looked after you all those years you were wrong. God Bless.

Don’t try to nag your parents into being better Catholics. It won’t work. Pray for them daily. Set a good example.

Hi JamestheJust,

No. I don’t think that you disrespected your Mother. You just gave her your opinion, and you tried to help her. I don’t think that there was anything wrong with that.

I agree with PaulfromIowa, though.

All that we can do is try and set a good example.

My in-laws are into new age occult practices, too. I have tried to talk to my MIL when things have come up, but to no avail.

She won’t listen to me or to her own son–my husband. The reason that I have tried to talk to her, is that that there have been times when she has tried to get me to “come around to her way of thinking.” She thinks that what they are doing is just either “harmless” or that she is just calling on “universal energy” to help us, when she is doing something occult. :frowning:

^^This I can firmly attest to!^^
“Preach the Gospel and if necessary, use words.” St. Francis of Assisi :thumbsup:

Hey James,

From what you said, it does not seem that you were disrespectful. All you did was inform your mother that what she was doing was not morally right. This is fine as long as you did so lovingly and respectfully (i.e. no yelling, rolling eyes, etc.)

I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

God bless!

Frankly, I think she was being disrespectful of you by directing you to first make the purchase of such an item, which is against the faith, and then by telling you not to judge. She was either baiting you, or attempting to make you complicit in her sin, which she felt she could do by virtue of the fact that she is your mother.

No you were not disrespectful to her. I had to stand up to my dad as a teen, and refuse to buy him his cigarettes, which I morally opposed and I was legally prohibited from purchasing. He was telling me to participate in his sin and be complicit in a crime. I refused and told him that the next time he ordered me to go, I would simply go to the store and tell the clerk that I was there under duress and tell them I was underage and that he should not sell me the cigarettes. I also informed him I would start flushing his cigarettes down the toilet if he continued to attempt to force me to be complicit. :eek:

Parents have no right to demand that their children are supportive of or complicit in their sins (or crimes, in the case I shared above).

Thank you all for your great responses, especially PaulfromIowa. I know that God, not I, converts hearts, and I have been and will continue to pray for them and (at least attempt to) set a good, Catholic example.

I ask you all, as well, to keep the intention of their conversion in your hearts. Thank you again.

May the peace of Christ be with you, now and forever,

I’m going to go against the grain here, and say that I do think it was disrespectful. As a teenager, still living at home, you do owe obedience to your parents. I can also say, having gone through this myself with my parents, that repeatedly telling people information or your beliefs, even if you’re not lecturing or attempting to correct them, is unlikely to change their mind.

Your mother knew exactly what you meant by your statement, even if you weren’t actively trying to correct her. She wasn’t asking you to do anything illegal, or something that would harm you. She asked you to make an online purchase. You are a child, living at home. In my opinion, the correct response in this situation is to do it, no lectures, no commentary.

I believe it isn’t always what you say but how you say it.

Hebrews 9:27 was good. You might also remind her she might come back as a maggot and how would she feel then? But say it nicely.

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