Did I do a sin?


OK, this is kind of embarassing. Some time ago i used to masturbate. it was a bad habit and i just coudn’t get rid of it. One day i said that from today i will stop. I stopped and then i confessed. It was hard the first few weeks but then i just didn’t feel the need any more. I completely forgot about it.
Last week i was in a very stressful situation, i was scared, stressed, angry and sweating. And i realised that i started to masturbate. I didn’t want to do it, i was not thinking of it. I just started. So I said to myself no, i must not do this, this is a bad thing and no matter how nervous i am i must not do it, so I stopped immediatelly.
Is this a mortal sin and i have to confess it?


Nope, you didn't sin.


You were acting out of psychological compulsion and you didn’t really want to be doing it, so you did not fulfill the condition of full consent of the will. You’re good. :smiley:


Thank you so much for you answers.

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