Did I do my penance?


I know that sounds like a silly question, but I went to Confession, and everything went fine, but I didn’t hear the penance fully (I know it was something about praying to Jesus in the Mass), and I did that when we had Mass after the confession. But I think he might have said something else, but I was too nervous and I don’t think I heard it. Am I just being a bit too scrupulous?


As long as you tried to complete the penance as best as possible, you are fine. What would be bad is knowingly disregarding a penance.
Next time don’t be afraid to speak up immediately if you don’t hear or understand what the priest is telling you.


This posting brought up this issue for me - do any of you ever experience suddenly remembering a sin, (venial), while the priest is actually saying the absolution?! I have had this experience many times …I usually insert “I’m sorry Father but I just remembered this sin…” after he’s done saying the absolution. Awkward…


At least your priest gives penance!! :smiley: I went to a retired priest for confession, and he didn’t even give me a penance!

I was like…Well, what now?

Don’t worry, you tried to do the best you could with your penance. No sin.


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