Did I do ok?

Women in distress

I started to train an employee (a woman) and I started to talk to her about GOD.
She replies, “I am catholic”. Over the weeks, I slowly talk to her since she is not a practicing member. She told me that she got married by a catholic church with her fist marriage. Turns out that her husband went through RCA program though he never got baptize by the Catholic Church. She does not know if he did any of the other sacraments. Furthermore, she told me that her ex-husband cheated on her before and after marriage. Therefore, I asked her how you ever got married by a priest in a catholic church if sacraments are missing. They got married 13 years ago. Therefore, I have no clue of the string they pulled. Moreover, here goes my BIG mouth I told her that her marriage; first marriage is in valid. “Her second too because she has no annulment of her first” I did not talk
about her second.

Reasons: He cheated on her before and after marriage = first. I will be faithful in heath, and sickness to death do us part. Next: She also stated the he did not want to become a catholic; did not want to do anything with Catholics: Did not fallow the teaching of the Church.

Finally, please tell me I did ok.

GOD loves the world


Dear friend,

There isn’t enough information here to determine the condition of the first marriage, let alone the second. I would encourage you to not give advice unless you are absolutely sure of yourself. The woman needs to see a priest about this.

Fr. VIncent Serpa, O.P.

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