Did I Do Something Seriously Wrong?


Okay, here it goes.

I love the NHL, so I also like to play the NHL 14 video game. However, when I play NHL 14, I get a physical reaction. Now, here is my concern. I know that when I play the game this will happen to me, but I do not play the game in order to get the physical reaction. When it comes, I continue to play and try to ignore it.

Do you think this is a mortal sin, since I might be putting myself in a possible occasion of sin? Once again, I am not playing the game in order to get the physical reaction. I started thinking about this today, but then I did not think much about now. A little while ago, I started to get worried about this, so I stopped playing.

Now I feel a little sick about this.

Thanks all for your help and patience. I apologize if all you get annoyed with my posts.


I can relate to this in a way…

Even if you are not doing it to get the physical reaction, it is undeniable that you WILL get that physical reaction. It is also undeniable that being in that physical reaction is of a great risk for you, as you will be tempted.

You were wise in stopping playing. Until you get to a point where you are not affected at all by this, you better protect yourself by avoiding anything that might lead you to sin.

I am not sure if you were sinning. You might have been sinning by putting yourself in risk of sinning, but that sounds way too confusing. I would confess, and promise to avoid any occasion that might lead me to sin (which would be: stop playing).

I had a similar problem, but with fiction stories. While I was there mostly for the stories, some descriptions were just too much. The only way to protect myself was to forgo reading those stories… small sacrifices :thumbsup:


I most certainly can confess it, but my mother might get annoyed with me since I just went to confession two weeks ago from this Saturday. She does know about my scrupulosity. I might have to ask her to take me to confession.


You should ask your priest if you can continue to play the game. I would think you are not sinning at all. It’s a normal reaction, and you are not playing the game to obtain the reaction. You don’t want the reaction. I would imagine you would rather enjoy your video game without having any sort of physical reaction. You can’t deprive yourself of all innocent pleasure, and a video game like NHL hockey is innocent pleasure. (I know not all video games are so innocent.)


I did email a priest about this, and he said that it is possible that there could be a subconscious desire for the reaction in order to test the theory of getting the reaction while playing the game. I do not think I really thought about that today, so maybe I am okay. I will try to have peace of mind.

I do not think an NHL video game is that bad, right?


If I were you, I would go to my regular confessor and ask him myself.

If you don’t have a regular confessor, it would be good for you to get one.

I also struggle with scruples, BUT THERE IS HOPE.


What kind of SINFUL physical reaction can you get from playing hockey in a video game :confused:

Is it like bashing the other player’s head in with the hockey stick ?

You must have a vivid imagination!


I don’t understand either. One gets a physical reaction from playing real sports, or in doing any action in life for that matter.


I think he’s referring to a sexual reaction.


From Hockey??? :confused:


At a certain age, pretty much anything can trigger it. And video games are designed to be stimulating, anyway.


Whatever! :shrug:


OP, do you have a regular confessor?

Your life will be a lot more straight forward if you get a regular confessor and obey him.

Also, you said you were thinking about going to Confession.

From what I’ve heard from you, it doesn’t sound like you’ve mortally sinned.

So if I were you, I would either a) find another sin I’m truly sorry for (assuming you have no mortal sins of course :)) and go to Confession, and then ask your confessor about this…it is best if you have a regular confessor like I’ve said time and time again… or b) tell the priest you’ve emailed that you are scrupulous and that you have doubts about it being subconsciously happening (if of course, you do)

If the priest still tells you it is unhealthy to play the game, I wouldn’t play it, of course.

If I, for whatever reason, didn’t do one of those two options I wouldn’t play the game until I got at least reasonable feedback saying that it was okay from another priest, or unless I actually start to doubt that it is sinful for X reason.

I’m a teenager too, so I know how hard it can be to put down that game. Do you have any other games or something else like that? Maybe take up jogging, a good endurance can do you wonders! Praying for you!

And PS: Try not to think so much about the reaction. I made that mistake once, and it took MONTHS to recover and become “normal” again.


I think the fact that you are very aware is a great thing, and I think God understands completely that you do not wish for that reaction, you just wish to enjoy a hockey game. As another poster suggested, you seem to be at the age where pretty much any excitement can trigger a reaction. That will ease up in time.

No, there is nothing wrong with an NHL hockey game. If you can play it and ignore the reaction, I would do that. (I’m female, so I don’t know a lot about these reactions.) Please have peace of mind, though. It is just your age. You are not doing anything wrong. Even priests get these desires from time to time from various things.


I think it’s your adolescent hormones running a little wild causing this reaction. Nothing you can do about that except avoid the situation or ignore it and wait until they settle down a bit, IMO. You are not to blame.


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