Did I do something wrong?


Last Friday, I was eating lunch at a Japanese restaurant in Topeka. The day was windy, and I wore a blue-green sweater to keep warm. After the meal, I thanked my colleagues and returned to my office. I took the elevator up to the fourth floor, where my office is. I then walked down the long, carpeted hallway and entered my cubicle. I prayed for about four minutes then got back to work. After about half an hour of hard work, my feet were getting itchy, so I couldn’t help but take off my shoes. After I took off my shoes, I took off my socks, and opened my computer. An hour later, I accidentally brushed my arm against the side of the laptop, causing it to hit an iron paperweight which was near it. The paperweight slid off the desk, and hit my unprotected toes. It was so painful, so I said, “GODAMMIT” really loudly. Everyone heard me :frowning:

I think I said the Lord’s name in vain. Doesn’t this mean that I broke one of the ten commandments? Should I confess my sins to a priest?

Thanks, and God Bless


I would confess to your priest.


It’s certainly not ideal and not appropriate language to use in a workplace. But taking off shoes and socks at work - seriously that could be an offense too.


Hey HealingHands99,

In order to be guilty of committing a sin, it must be a willful act. In other words you had to chose to do it. So, in this case, you must consider:

Did you **choose **to use those words as an expression of anger/pain


Did the words fly out of your mouth without you even thinking about it.

If it is the first, then you did sin (probably venial) and you should mention it in confession the next time you go.

If it is the latter, then you did not sin, though you should work on controlling your language so that you are less likely to use Our Lord’s Name in vain by accident again.

Hope this helps.

God bless


My first question would be whether this post is real?


It does seem a bit odd. Especially the fact that this person just joined today and already has 19 posts down. I do hope, and pray, that this not be a hoax. Oh, and please forgive me for my doubts if this isn’t a hoax.


As far as I’ve been told, swearing habitually or instinctively is not mortal, because mortal sin requires full consent of the will - which is difficult to garner in half a second while in pain.

So I don’t think you’re required to confess it. But you stillshould. And you also need to work on breaking this swearing habit.

I don’t know if this post is real (why all the unnecessary details, man??) but there is a simple answer to your question. There you go.


Either a hoax or someone with a OCD scrupulosity problem. Note the unnecessary details and adjectives. What does the Japanese restaurant and the blue green sweater, for example, have anything to do with sin?

If this post is for real, please omit the descriptive passages when you go to confession…your poor priest!


with some benefit of doubt… :thumbsup:

intent, intent, intent…
it was a split second reaction, not an overt action.

I once said a nasty when a 10 lb LP Bible fell squarely on my toe.
After the reactionary nasty and then the laugh of irony, I imagined He would say,
“Okay, that was sorta funny, and I get that you didn’t mean to say that, soooo I’ll let it go this time, but try not to swear when something falls on your toe. Especially my Book…”

(btw, I can be wordy sometimes, so you never know…)


I am not sure what a catholiprotestant anglo-orthodox is. Secondly, taking off not only your shoes as well as socks at work sound pretty gross to begin with and very unhealthy and unwise. What if there was some emergency at work and you had to get up and out immediately. Most stores won’t even let you come in them without shoes so I don’t get your actions here. Since you did take shoes and socks off, look what happen, you got hurt. I don’t know if you are Catholic by your title so, I can’t honestly say go to the priest to confess. I think you need to take a look at your actions here and realize that this whole things could have been avoided by keeping your feet protected in the first place.


I was contemplating on your swearing the other day. I was making my coffee, which I usually have with milk, but such pondering led me to take it black. I wonder at the spiritual symbolism behind this simple mistake. Anyway I walked into my lounge room walking carefully on the white carpet and avoiding the cat. Still pondering your guilt or otherwise, when I inadvertently stubbed my right foot big toe on the brown Chesterfield lounge. I yelled out in surprise and found myself saying “godammit” under my breath. 'Godanmmit" is the name of my cat, so I don’t feel I have sinned.
Amazing isn’t it when such little things can be described out of all proportion? I found it so much easier not to make judgement on your case, but left you to the mercy of the Lord.
My toe is much better, but the white carpet will need a good clean. I am thinking of doing it myself or getting in professional cleaners. Every day has a new decision…


In Japan, I hear it is customary to remove one’s shoes when entering a building, customarily a private home, but not one’s socks. So I think that removing your socks was very, very wrong. :wink:

BTW, socks help protect your feet from falling objects. Shoes offer even more protection to your tender tootsies. So I would advise both socks and shoes in the workplace. :thumbsup:

May I ask whether you’re a Hobbit who naturally goes barefoot? And if so, how many meals had you eaten that day? Never skip second breakfast, as an unaccustomed lack of food can leave one bad-tempered. :stuck_out_tongue:

(and yes, I think you should mention the swearing in confession)


~~ the phoenix


From a managerial perspective, I am seeing a ton of wasted time, so yes, that is something wrong.:smiley:

But yes, you should mention it in confession if you are Catholic. Though it may be venial, it is not up to other posters to make that determination for you. You need to inform your conscience and talk about it with your confessor.

It was an excited utterance, yes. But there is an underlying reason those words formed in your mouth. Sounds like remnants of an old habit, or an escaping of inner dialogue which should not really include blasphemy.:shrug:


There is a lot of detail about how the feet became bare. I was burned on another post recently so I agree this is somewhat strange. In reply I have this story which is true.
My friend put the kneeler down and knelt on it. Her husband’s toe was under the leg of the kneeler. He let loose with a very loud “Jesus Christ.” Someone in the vicinity replied a loud “amen”.
No sin. It wasn’t deliberate.


I think every Catholic has been there! So true.




Please try not to do it again.


No sin?

Not even venial? Sin separates us from God.

I don’t think any of us are qualified to say “no sin” to this situation…

Kind of above our paygrade. The best advice is to mention it in confession. Unless you wish to take on any culpability by advising that there is no sin?:shrug:


Yes, there was a comical amount of exposition in that writing. It makes me question the OPs sincerity. But perhaps the OP has been reading Twain or some of the more superfluous writers lately.:shrug:

"It was a cold November day. The streets smelled of turkey and cinnamon. I was walking down James street early in the morning when I noticed the time of 8:15am. I know it was 8:15 because my watch said 8:07 and I make a habit of setting it 8 minutes slow. As I carelessly massaged the bag from the Grocery store I had just been to. (A Ralphs, because they have good service and low prices) My gloved hand felt a heavy jar. I never realized how heavy this jar was. It was cranberry sauce. Ocean Spray. As I caressed each ripple on the lid, it dawned on me that I had perhaps walked out of the store in my Uggs (brown with the sheep fuzz inside) and not paid for it. Should I mention this in confession?

I should mention that my parish priest has a name that rhymes with orange.:D"


I’m sorry! I forgot where I was going when I began to write the story, and neglected to proof read my post. And yes, this is a legitimate question. I’m not sure if an accidental, non purposeful breaking of a commandment is something serious, but if it is, I want to know.


As others have answered…

Without intent, there is no sin. There is no need to confess this, although it may be good to mention it in your next confession if you wish, since it’s still an objectively bad thing to do. So work on not doing it again and be sorry that you may have offended God this time even if you didn’t mean to. But don’t beat yourself up over it either.

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